July Anarchy Prologue is an experimental action-RPG set in a heavy-metal fantasy universe, where the player is thrown into a constant struggle for survival in the largest battle ever rendered in the Aurora Engine. Showcases entirely new concepts to the Aurora engine such as procedurally-generated battles and territorial warfare.

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Jul 10 2011 Anchor

To those who have downloaded and played July Anarchy Prologue, thank you. I hope you enjoyed your time with this little adventure and will continue to do so for as long as it remains on your drive.

As this is my first real mod (outside of Oblivion addons), I'm pretty desperate for feedback of any kind. Praise and criticisms alike will go a long way towards making future mods like Static the best they can be. If you can, please spare a moment to answer this little survey on July Anarchy Prologue. If you do not have a MODDB.com account, you can e-mail your answers to jmscion@gmail.com. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Complete this survey and post your answers and I will PM you secrets about July Anarchy Prologue, such as how to earn the alternate ending or find the mighty "Fish of Bronson" weapon!



  1. Did you enjoy this mod?
  2. Does the scoring system encourage you to play again?
  3. Did you have technical difficulty installing or running this mod?
  4. What is your favorite feature of this mod that is not present in the original NWN campaigns?
  5. Is there a scene, feature or other aspect of the mod you would have liked to see more of?
  6. Is there a scene, feature or other aspect of the mod you would like to see removed?
  7. Was there a character you found particularly likable or memorable?
  8. What is your favorite weapon in the game (including grenades and cheat weapons).
  9. Would you like to see the July Anarchy series continued as a game?
  10. Would be you interested in the July Anarchy novel?


Thank you for your support!

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