im back to developing this mod :) it will contain modified dinosaur behaviours (some will be edited PMEP behaviours) it will include new dinos soon.

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The new behaviours, attacks, eating styles, even flocking, retaliating listed here.

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All the carnivores current new abilities:

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 32 10 677


species: Tyrannosaurus Rex: tyrannosaurus rex has a new ability, while she still has her PMEP attack where she bites down repeatly with her head, rexy can also now charge into her victims with her head down, delivering a powerful headbutt that knocks her prey over immediatly, while this attack isnt as powerful as her PMEP attack, her headbutt can also stunlock her prey, allowing her to then bite down on them and use her normal PMEP attack with better results

theres also a baby t-rex (credits to peenut2k7): who is freakin adorable but not only that, the baby rex, while only attacking livestock and humans because its too small to attack dinosaurs, can latch onto prey because its smaller and deliver bites while doing so.

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 32 44 685


:species: Allosaurus: Alicia doesnt get really any "new" abilities from this mod, however she will not run away from large carnivore nor be hunted by them as a "hunting" prey. she uses her PMEP axe-like headswing more than her stunlocking attack combos more, her powerful axe-like swing however is more powerful now to make up for it, also as you might notice alicias damage in her ini file is very low, this is to reflect accuracy (dont worry her attack is multiplied in the fsms)

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 36 54 838


:species: Oxalaia: Oxy can deathdual triceratops!!! and along with that this brazilian spinosaurus will also use its head as a weapon alot, using it to knock over opponents with a ferocity almost as great as the spinosaurus!

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 41 37 470


:speices: Spinosaurus: ahhh.... my favorite dinosaur (other than titanosaurus), the biggest target for t-rex fanboys has had arguably the most upgrades in this mod, he can no longer dual t-rex but now as his primary attack will use his claws as a weapon, he can still do everything he could in PMEP, but he prioritizes in using his large arms and claws in battle, hes also one of the only carnivores to be able to swim, with the other being oxalaia. He can also assume a quadrepedal/Semi-quadrepedal stance (really really buggy). he also has no sounds for roaring because for some reason i cant get him to make any sounds at all, but you could try to fix him if you want, i've given up.

Hes also got a baby varient as well (credits to YutytheTitan) , same as rexy. His baby varient is the same as baby rex, however his varient is a bit less aggressive

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 41 52 660


:speices: Tarbosaurus Baatar: Can dual triceratops, stegosaurus, camarasaurus, titanosaurus, brachiosaurus, and ankylosaurus in deathduals, and other than that doesnt really have anything new from his PMEP attacks.

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 44 09 748


:speices: Gigantoraptor: this large, underestimated turkey-like dinosaur has issues attacking smaller dinos because he cant grab them and will get stuck unfortunatly.... however he has many special attacks. These giant dinos will rip chunks of flesh out of their prey while attacking them (just like from PMEP's carcha) and will also dual tarbosaurus in battles, and they succeed more likely than not in driving large carnivores away. they are also fast and will hunt in flocks without issues. Also will dual acrocanthosaurus and carcharadontosaurus

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 49 20 672

:species: Acrocanthosaurus: doesnt have any new abilities outside of his PMEP abilities (some of which i removed because he was too overpowered) however something new is that unlike in normal JPOG, PMEP, and even other mods, is that the TClassAUnitAcro will now dual carcharadontosaurus willingly and not accidently like before!!!

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 49 44 778


:speices: Carcharadontosaurus: with his PMEP attack being buffed, carcharadontosaurus is a nightmare to face, being able to push back spinosaurus from its own turf! Carcharadontosaurus will also now willingly battle acrocanthosaurus in fights! and has a special interaction with spinosaurus....

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 52 04 041

Ripper/ Echo's Nightmare

:species: Velociraptor??????????: Raptors will now jump on prey, jump up and slash down onto them then leap off, they dont stay on as long or deal as much damage as before, however they will knock down large prey if needed and heal quickly, they also get stressed slower, enabling them to slowly wear down their prey. They also eat quickly and can quickly overpower most hadrosaurs.

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 53 56 863 bandicam 2019 02 09 17 54 35 845

Sleepy Boi/ Sara

:species: Meglasaurus/Ceratosaurus: one of the savage small carnivores, meglasaurus has the new ability like ceratosaurus to activly hunt large carnivores and also gang up on large carnivores, they will also rip chunks of flesh from their prey while still alive, and also will rarely fight large carnivores for territory. Both are powerful but meglasaurus is the more aggressive of the two.

known bugs!: if one meglasaurus/ceratosaurus gets hungry sometimes they attack their own packmates, in which either the attacker or the attacked will get swarmed and killed quickly and devoured by the rest of the pack. There is no way i can fix this, its just a result of making them attack offensers.

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 54 14 302bandicam 2019 02 09 17 55 30 611

Striker/ Albert

:species: Abeliosaurus/ Albertosaurus: these two are the new members of the savage small carnivores, no longer scareed by large carnivores and will dual large carnivores for territory, even attacking trex if hungry enough, they will also stunlock prey as well. the only downside right now is that if one of these dinosaurs (albertosaur or abeliosaurus) can get too confident and not back down while attacking a large carnivore, against gigantoraptor they might get away with it, but against a rex they will surely die, just because this mod buffs them doesnt mean their bite force can rival rexes!!!

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 55 09 510


:species: Dilophosaurus JP: dont have any new abilities aside from their PMEP behaviors, other than they no longer spit poisen and no longer put dinos in comas! they also recieved a buff, they can sort of take on raptors now. They can latch onto prey as well and bite them, just like the baby dinosaurs.

bandicam 2019 02 09 17 55 59 447


:speices: Concavenator/Spinosauriad: this large carnivore can dual tarbosaurus and oxalaia, and lose... no seriously i edited the fsms it so that goldy cant win... he also takes a leaf out of PMEP carcharadontosaurus's book. Ripping flesh out of living prey and eating it also using his head to stunlock opponents.... just like PMEP's carcha...... im so creative arent i?!?

yep thats all carnivores, next article will be about herbivores

Oh and PS. everything in this mod is free to be used in anyones mod, idc rlly just give me and PMEP's creator credit and your good.

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