Enter the mind of Filip Valkas, who lost his parents in the Seven Hour War, and take your revenge on your Combine captors in a new story centred on the Half-Life Universe. Pick up your own crowbar and force your way out of Citizen Containment Zone 19, and lead in the uprising against the alien agressors.

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This mod was great. The update gave it so much personality. The beginning scene where you are stuck in the combine is reminiscent of half life 1 where you ride the tram and such. Only in HL1 you are riding towards disaster unknown, where in Joutomaa you are seemingly already captured and heading toward impending doom. It almost seems satirical to me, or maybe I'm just trying to be too smart. Either way I enjoyed this mod from beginning to end. I just wish there had been more that made the Filip Valkas character seem unique. I felt like he might as well have been called Gordon Freeman, because the scenes involving where filip meets resistance members seems a bit too much like the scenes in HL2. For example, right before you have to travel into the green radioactive sludge areas where headcrabs come from underground and zombies attack you, or when you have to get on the hovercraft. Only taking 1 pt off for that though. I really liked the new Gman voice, and am glad the voice from the game wasn't just reused. I think the new voice is a great alternative to the original.

Overall, a must download.

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The beginning of this mod is unusual - we ride in the prisoner pod through some Combine buildings. Then we see a window and understand that we are in the Citadel. A story twist - and we are resting on the sofa in the comfortable flat, but there's no time for resting, because CPs are getting close, so we have to retreat to the old church. The design is excellent. We are in some unknown city, and while in general everything is very similar to Half-Life 2, there are many unique details. The elements…

Sep 15 2011 by EmoLevelDesigner