All you comp stompers and skirmish fans are in for a new challenge. This AI mod will effect mostly hard and brutal AI. The hard AI will be improved, but I think brutal is where you'll truly feel like you have a challenge.

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Please keep in mind this is only the first version, and there will eventually be more personalities and even further improvements upon the AI.

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Well at long last, the time has come.
For you to get bashed by my brutals and maybe even hard depending on your skill level.

Let me tell you, I've spent so much time into this, since as soon as I posted it here.
I've far surpassed what I thought was possible, there were many "ideas" that became real.

I have such a greater understanding of how to make the AI for ra3 from this, and that I can honestly tell you, there's going to be a future for this mod.

More personalities, more tactics the AI will use, better micromanagement, etc.

I gave myself a pretty short time to make this mod, but the improvements I've managed in this short time are huge I promise you. I have yet to win a FFA match vs my new brutals. In the original ra3 I could easily win a FFA match or a 1v1 against the stupid brutals.

Now it's a truly challenging thing, the video showing the nanowarm/decimator attack, was a FFA I had played on magma. I lost so badly, after that force died I had like nothing left, and Naomi cleaned up with a massive shogun army on both sides of the map!

The experiences you have will be pretty different each time, I ran a lot of FFA tests for the AI.
To see their superweapon uses and late game forces, and who was best.

Unlike the original ra3, the winners of such matches are hard to determine, the AI behave differently constantly, sometimes it costs them the match and sometimes it wins it.

As a note, I'd say the most successful AI's, are lissette, zhana, and Naomi oh and the empire Aggro AI is tough too. I have no idea why their AI's are strong, they went from the worst AI's to some of the best.

Lastly, the forum area is now available!
Feel free to check that out and post in the appropriate boards and threads.


Gah! And to think I thought you were just beginning! I've been made a fool.

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