Realism is a term that is now used more and more often by people when talking about games or modifications however in most cases Realism will always end up giving way to other things. We aim to break this increasing trend and make our work to as high a degree of Realism that we can possibly do. Currently the gameplay in Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is clearly towards arcade. We aim to change this to bring a far more Realistic experience to players.Joint Operations: Reality will be brought to you using Novalogics enhanced bhd engine from Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising.

This expansion is not called Reality for nothing and to make sure things are to as high a degree of Realism as we can get them, countless numbers of advisors have aided the development team for the Mod. These advisors are ex/current military and law enforcement personel mostly, with them ranging from being Canadian Army Snipers to British Army Medics for example.

The Main part of our website is still under construction but the forums are up at

Features of v0.15 BETA:

  • Realistic Movement Speed
  • More Units such as the British Royal Marines
  • Improved Player Skins to give a more realistic feel
  • Realistic Ammunition Counts
  • Realistic Bullet Spread
  • No Crosshairs
  • Improved HUD (Realism wise, for example no health bar)
  • Realistic Weapon Damages and area effectiveness
  • Realistic Chopper Speeds and attributes
  • Realistic APC Armour
  • Realistic Weapon RPM
  • Realistic Recoil
  • Overhauled Game Menu Graphics
  • Improved Sounds
  • Improved Maps
  • Unlocked Features in N.I.L.E
  • More Weapon Variants
  • More Player Skins
  • Improved Weapon Skins
  • Improved First Person View
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.20 Released


.20 Is not a final release but rather another snapshot of things to come. We will be working on at least one more update to finish this swell run in the JOTR engine.

Gamers Hell: here
Action Inside: here

UpdateLog wrote:
-Mk-19 agl range/velocity/lethality radius adjusted to match real world specs.
-AK-47 weapon/ammo varieties/quantities adjusted to real world lethality/specs.
-all sniper platforms ammo varieties have been updated to real world lethality and specs.
-Helo Miniguns reworked to real life specs.
-All pistol/smg varieties have been updated to real world specs.
-All rifle ammo/damage/accuracys have been updated to real world specs.
-M240 Rate of fire lowered.
-M249 Rate of fire lowered.
-RPK74 changed to RPK47, magazine upped to 75 shots.
-60mm mortar range has been maxed out to 368m. damage reduced a little.
-All new Hardcover Hummers replaces all JO Attack vehicles.
-Light Hummer [no roof or hatch] attack vehicle added.
-New missile smoke effects.
-Stinger range and speed increased, larger smoke trail too.

-All the JO:E terrains/environments added to mapping resources.
-New desert walls of various sizes.
-New desert bunkers.
-Over 50 new types of foliage including snow foliage added to mapping resources.
-2 new preview/test buildings [large city buildings], will be finalised in v .25.
-Almost all of the JO:E assets have been ported over to make map compatibility almost total.

-M840 SSG damage needs testing/upping.
-Rename RPK74 to RPK47 , damage still a bit low.
-Fix white smoke nades.
-Add RPG26.
-Add FN FAL and M7.
-Add Stinger Jeep [avenger] and quad .50 AA.
-Make a pistol range map building.
-Make range boards.
-New tilesets.
-IED/prox charges.
-Make Travelling FARP/Armoury truck, with reload radius (Chinook version too).
-Rework the scores.ini
-Fix the Base defense gun.
-Grenade launchers M203/GP-25 rate of fire lowered. needs to take 5 seconds to reload.
-L115 and SVD damage too low still

-Zodiac M60 damage.

Reality MOD V0.17 Released

Reality MOD V0.17 Released


Brutal Arts is proud to announce the release of Joint Operations: Reality MOD V0.17 Following the tremendous success that was v0.16, the development team...

MOD v0.16 Released

News 3 comments

Brutal Arts Releases V0.16 of the Joint Operations Reality MOD Following the incredible feedback Brutal Arts received, the team has worked hard to try...

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any updates?

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omg this is brilliant

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It is out now, if you are watching for this to be out go to this site

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you know someone could make a realistic mod.... such as three or four factions. police fire ems bad guys. in a city.. you already have vehicles. it would be fun to play. just a thought

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GISamurai is right, I just looked it up, and it is called the baby eagle and is used by the Israeli army.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I thought the Israeli Military packed the Beretta 98. But maybe that's only special issue for special forces or whatever.

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Arnt you the guys that made PR on Bf2 cus thats all i play i quit bf2 lol its the best!

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Psyphon Games have completed the final release of The Reality MOD V 0.25

Check out the d/load links on their site.

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Well the link to the site of them is everything exept them and the mod....weird..
Perhaps the have a new url ...or did they just stop existing???

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When I post the request for the Desert Eagle, I was in fact talking about the 9mm Desert Eagle that is the sidearm of the Israeli military. It is also known as the Baby Eagle, but it's official designation is Desert Eagle.
So you see Kasrkin you jump to a conclusion and come to a mistaken assumption.
Seth the Desert Eagle comes in a lot more than two calibers. For more information go to

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