JAU will be a total conversion of Jedi Academy. It will bring you "The Force Unleashed" to the PC in a way like it doesn't exist right now. It won't be a copy of TFU, it will be a new game based on TFU.

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Jul 20 2009 Anchor

This thread is for the Starkiller-Playermodels!

DLX is working on most of the costumes, but he's not active for an undefinied period of time, so I just started to work on some models.

Here is my current version of Starkiller, more images soon:

Jul 23 2009 Anchor

Looks ok..... for what we see now.

Jul 23 2009 Anchor

What's up with the spcial-moves (often deathblow)?
e.g. the Rancor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LLxI-VoFrE at 6:00 where Starkiller puts the saber in the Rancors head)
or the AT-ST (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpX1PMlSGxY)

Will you create those moves or would that be too hard or impossible to create with the JA3-Engine??

Will it be possible to throw your saber and spear someone with it?? (So the saber doesn't come back)
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LLxI-VoFrE at 6:18)

Jul 24 2009 Anchor

Nice ^^ Better than this I already have ^^ I download few tfu mods, but your mod is the best ^^ ( sorry for my eanglish ;) )


What about the throwning and moving some things and enemies using force in this ?  Youtube.com something like that .
And can starkiller throw his saber through the arbor like in originall TFU? Andwhat about the starkiller voice ? Is it originall from tfu ?

Jul 25 2009 Anchor

Another question: Will there be the possibility to upgrade Starkillers armour (maybe after a finished level)?

Jul 25 2009 Anchor

"Upgrade"? I think it will be possible to "CHANGE" the armour. We're going to several costumes (even costumes that aren't in the original TFU). ;)

Jul 25 2009 Anchor

That sounds interesting...
And the special moves??

Jul 26 2009 This post has been deleted.
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