Jay's Mod is a completely random Sandbox mod for Half-Life 2.

ratchet3789 says

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The page for this was made late 2012, Garrys Mod has been out since before 2009.

Now Im pretty sure this game isn't trying to rival Garry's Mod but seriously, release crap and you should just expect bad reviews. It isn't even a mod, its an extension of Half-Life.

How to recreate in HL2:
Bind Z, X, C, V, B, N and M to spawn Zombies, Citizen and Metrocop
Bind Y to Noclip
Give Phys Cannon - physcannon_mega_enabled 1
Bind V or Q to Noclip
Bind , npc_create npc_alyx

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Best mod ever, it is one of the most innovated mods that have come out in the last decade. I can't believe most people actually think that jmod ripped off gmod, but in reality, garry's wife made gmod not garry. so garry's wife ripped of jmod.

Best mod ever 10/10

Feb 24 2013 by LilOlFreeman