There's nothing quite like the rush of running, falling, jumping and crawling your way toward the release switch whilst under fire from rockets, railguns and lasers... then jabbing that switch and releasing all your team mates! Then finally watching as they all come running out of the open doors and beat the other team to death with Laser Cleavers! There's never a dull moment in JB, you're either fighting to stay alive, fighting to release your team mates, or fighting to escape from jail!

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Apr 15 2010 Anchor

I need help pls i cant find where to start the game. It finished installing. I cant find where to start it tho!!

May 22 2010 Anchor

What you need to do is extract the file, using, what I suggest, WinRAR, to this address:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods

Once that is done, restart Steam or start Steam if you haven't already, go to games, and look for the Jailbreak mod client or whatever. You will probably need Half Life 2, since it's used for the mod.

This may work, or may not. In any case, that's what I'd try first.

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