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HHHHHHHHHHHHHi. It’s time for another monthly(ish) update! Only slightly late! There’s an absolute ton of info to go over, so llllllllets dive in.


Player Models:

Rara, along with several others (noted below), helped add a ton more player models


CS:S Guerilla, CSGO FBI (Chanoc), CS:S Phoenix

Cinematic Scientist (Originally by AlphaGarg), Bank Heister - CS:GO Balkan

CSCZDS School Girl (Thx Ellis), HL2 Combine Elite, HL1OP4 BlackOps (Thx Kraken), HL1OP4 Drill Sergeant (Thx Gazyi)


Obrez - By UprightBlue


The Mosin is finally gone. It was oldest weapon model UprightBlue contributed to this mod, being very nearly a decade old at this point, so it was long overdue for an overhaul. Upright settled on making a horribly modified Obrez as the new replacement. It is truly a magical sight that is sure to infuriate gun connoisseurs the world over. God bless him.

Sinkfest also animated it, can check that out here.

Hammer - Animations by Sinkfest, model by MagnumPi

Lovingly re-created based upon the hammer from the ancient Half-life 1 mod, Scientist Hunt.

Scientist Shotgun - Animations by Sinkfest, model by Dav0r

You’ve already seen this before, but here it is at long last, finally animated and fully implemented in game. You reload it with tiny scientists!

Turok Pulse Rifle - Modeled, textured, and animated by Chanoc

It’s the Pulse Rifle seen in Turok from the Nintendo 64! If you don’t remember what that looked like, here’s the original model, along with the base concept for remaking it:

We aimed to stay as faithful as possible while also having to basically fill in some of the extremely blurred details cause by super low resolution. The first step naturally was to examine the source materials… This proved surprisingly complicated tho, because every iteration of the pulse rifle seemed to be wildly different

So we used the viewmodel as the final say on all visible details, while other aspects like the stock and grip being taken from other sources. Deciping the texture on the view model would still prove to be quite the fun challenge, though. The side panel, for instance, can be seen to have some small shapes of some sort on it. We ran with this and opted to turn it into an analog interface for what is otherwise a total scifi trope of a gun, to act as a sorta goofy contradiction in styles. Likewise, we interpreted the horribly low-poly scope on the original gun literally, and kept it as the bizarre periscope it more closely resembled in the original game rather than the scope every other version portrayed it as. Because why the fu*k not put a periscope on top of a gun!

Umbrella - It’s… it’s just the umbrella from TFC…

Well Hunted mode wouldn’t be complete without that extremely important umbrella, so we ripped it and added it here, as well. Doesn’t do anything fancy (Yet, at least)


Turrets - Zero’s been hard at work bringing over the TFC spawn protection turrets, as another solution for mappers seeking to keep pricks out of player respawns. It’s proven quite effective to say the least.

FMOD - Zero also started work on a simple FMOD implementation. It’s still early, but it should allow for a lot of neat stuff. We'll have more to say on it later once it's further along.

More weapon CVAR’s - Zero allllso added some more weapon CVAR’s to help keep things interesting. Like one particular command that changes up the C.A.T. mine explosion in an interesting way

NPC stuff - While most of this will have to be saved for next update, Jill has been working on pimping out the NPC’s that can be found in several of our maps. One feature that stands out in particular, is that now on the They Hunger maps, all zombies will attempt to get to the safe zone at the end of rounds. It makes for some absolutely chaotic matches.


They Hunger: Station - By Matto, with base layout by postal

Thanks again to the Sven Coop team for hooking us up with the source files for the original They Hunger mod. For our next They Hunger map, I opted to design a map that used maps from all 3 episodes - the ending scene of They Hunger 1 featuring the iconic radio station, the opening scene of They Hunger 2 featuring the iconic police station (yes, half of it is in TH1, but we merged in the rest of it from TH2), and the bull farm from They Hunger 3. I picked the areas, figured out how best to fit them together, and Matto went to work, even going the extra mile and adding in some new rooftops areas to allow for some more explorative fun.

And of course, we also filled the map with Zombies. As a reminder, different zombies have different traits based on their model. Some drop health or ammo, some are faster, and some, like the farmer, can knock you across the map with their weapons. It’s a map that aims to keep you on your toes at all times, essentially.

??? - By Ott

Taking the func_vehicle concept to new heights, Ott designed a map where players control flying cars, and basically drive around shooting each other. It’s simple in concept, but pretty ridiculous in action.

Akina - By Ott

And finally, taking the func_vehicle concept to its logical conclusion, OTT next designed a massive racing map, complete with different categories of weapon pick-ups scattered along the path for drivers to snag. Which will certainly come in handy since you won’t be spawning with any guns on this map. The only safe zone to be found exists at the end of the course, so you better hurry. Also, careful not to drive too far off the road, or your car will EXPLODE. A video of this in action can be found at the end of the article.

Avanti - By CabooseJr

A loving 1:1 remake of the TFC classic, Avanti was the absolute king of control point maps on TFC way back when, and to this day still has a loyal following of people that play it. Our version features an important change tho - the rooftops are all ACCESSIBLE now. It really changes how things play out. A video of this in action can be found at the end of the article.

Merry - By LordDz

Certainly a creative map, Merry features a randomly selected level load out on each spawn, currently featuring such sights as a forest or a series of floating pirate ships. It makes for a pretty memorable experience to say the least.

Nexus - By Chanoc

Taken from the HL2 campaign, Nexus lets players duke it out in one of the Combine’s strongholds.

Payload - By Chanoc

Originally created as a test map for a new WIP gamemode that I bet you can’t guess the name of, Payload is also a fun DM map on it’s own. Featuring lots of buildings to explore and tons of cover, Payload makes for good fun at any player count.

Hunted - By MissingNoGuy

Based off the classic TFC map of the same name, which itself is based on a campaign map from HL1. This map was made for a new gamemode of ours, which once again, I bet you can’t guess the name of… It's Hunted

Vertigo - Ported and edited by Rara

With a whole new area opened up, minor and major layout changes all over the place, and some lighting changes for added aesthetic, this enhanced port of the sky-high battlefield Vertigo from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive proves to be another great addition to the map pool.

Chalkyard - By Stabmaster

An in progress edit of the classic HL1DM map, Stalkyard, Chalkyard features the classic layout but with a Mayan spin on it. It’s def got a lot of promise, and is sure to be a great homage to one of the absolute best maps from HL1DM.

Player animations:

Rara’s been hard at work bringing all our 3rd person weapon animations up to snuff, and with help from Chanoc we also finally got 3rd person animations for Kicking! It’s a MIRACLE


DM and TDM:

Some of the first gamemodes we added, these just never really felt quite fun. They originally featured a set weapon load-out, with weapon pick-ups scattered around the map. But JB is just too chaotic and fast paced that everyone just wanted to rush and kill each other, so firefights always consisted of the same starting weapon load-out. So we ditched that system and, with the help of the extremely talented programmer Thirteen, we instead gave players a random melee weapon, and a random base weapon on every spawn. They can also steal the gun a player was holding when he dies, and ammo boxes will instead spawn around the map at random locations for players to grab.

But the real highlight is the mutators. DM/TDM is round based, and focused on whichever person/team can get the most kills by the end of a round. But things can still get somewhat stale in a match, so to help alleviate this, we added randomly selected mutators. They kick in every 30 seconds, and last for 20 seconds. Since the rounds are at default 3 minutes long, it means you get 3 mutators per round. They can be various gameplay altering events, from big head mode, to low friction, to extreme wall damage where people have to be careful not to touch any walls. It’s proven a ludicrous amount of fun, and finally helped make our DM/TDM gamemodes shine like they ought to. A video of this in action can be found at the end of the article.


It’s no secret I played (and still do play!) an insane amount of TFC back in the day. The gamemodes that game had were brilliant, and one of my favorites was Hunted. SO we decided to bring it over. The gamemode has 3 teams: The body guards, the hunted, and the assassins. The Hunted gets a melee weapon (umbrella), a stealth box, a hand gun, and some defensive grenades (flash and smoke), and with the aid of the bodyguards, must reach the safe zone at the end of the map. The assassins are armed with the same Sniper Rifle they had in TFC (currently even uses the same model, but we’ll remake it eventually), a charge rifle that becomes more powerful the longer it’s held at cost of movement penalty. They also get a silenced pistol and a knife as well, for close range encounters. It’s also proven a blast to play, and should make a fine addition to our already massive gamemode list. A video of this in action can be found at the end of the article.

And more?!?

I can’t wait to show what’s coming next update. At least 3 new game modes should be ready by then, and they are all shaping up to be some of the most impressive undertakings we’ve done yet. They all revolve around staples of online FPS, but with our own unique spin on them (especially in the case of 2 of them, both of which are both linked together through a new gimmick that i absolutely can’t wait to reveal). Looking forward to hearing more about this new month for our undoubtedly punctual update!


Big shout-outs to ElHostingServices, who have offered to be our official server provider. here's a word from them:

"Looking for dependable DDoS protected hosting to power your Jabroni Brawl server? Look no further than the official hosting provider of Jabroni Brawl. Encrypted Laser offers powerful game servers, dependable hybrid servers and DDoS protected bare metal servers to suit your every need from start-up server to massive community.

ELHostingServices delivers powerful game servers at affordable prices in multiple locations around the world. Available at Jabroni Brawl's release, individual game servers will be stocked and ready for order with instant installation and easy management through our intuitive and feature rich control interface.

PrimeNodes offers a large range of reliable hybrid and bare metal dedicated servers for those looking for more flexibility and raw performance. Featuring a range of i7 and i9 processors, Corero DDoS protection and fantastic low-latency global networking, select PrimeNodes as your infrastructure partner when you decide to expand from shared hosting."

Team additions:

Not much changed this time around. LordDz is trying his hand at making a map for us, and that’s about it.


As always, if you’re interested in contributing to the mod (outside of voice acting), please join our Discord and @ me on there. We’d love the help! Though as far as maps go, at this point we’re going to be quite selective. But feel free to stop by anyways.


Looooots of progress once again, and a ton of really awesome stuff still in development that’ll hopefully be ready to show next update. As always, feel free to pop into our discord if you want to chat or offer any help with the mod. And finally, here’s a montage of the new content we’ve prepared.

But hey, before I go, I’ll leave you with two random screenshots of some future content, with absolutely zero context or explanation.

See you next month(ish)! If all goes well, we should have some pretty big announcements by then :)))

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #4!

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #4!

News 7 comments

New maps, new guns, seasonal content, prop throwing, FUNC_VEHICLE, and content cross-overs with They Hunger and Gunman Chronicles!

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #3!

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #3!

News 7 comments

Our Steam store page is LIVE! Also, new maps, new fixes, over 20 new localizations, and much, much more.

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #2!

Jabroni Brawl Ep. 3 - Revival Media Update #2!

News 13 comments

Formerly Jaykin' Bacon 3, we've rebranded with a new name! New maps galore for this update, plus tons of other fun updates. And of course lots of footage...

Jaykin' Bacon Ep.3 - Revival media Update #1!

Jaykin' Bacon Ep.3 - Revival media Update #1!

News 17 comments

Weapons, maps, player models, gamemodes, videos, team changes and MORE!

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я уже дрочить под ету игру устал когда она будет доступна(((((((

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My only concern with this is that I hope the playerbase doesn't wither down and die off in the days, weeks, months, or a year after it's release like so many other Multiplayer Source Mods before it.

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It might be fun with bots too but yeah i do hope it stays with a playerbase for a very long time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

The mod will be have bots or offline mode?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

When will this get released already ?

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postal123 Creator

Whenever we have a testable build for Valve that everyone's happy with, and whenever they then approve it. The latter of which could take a pretty long time if other recent Steam released Source mods are any indication lol.

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This is lovely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi guys!
When beta accesses will be handed out?

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Get out of that uh, jabroni outfit.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

A little questions what games you need do play this mod without any missing textures and models?

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You need to have Episode 2 but you don't need to install it, all the content you need will be shipped together with the mod.

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