SUNSTRIKER MODS is ready to showcase the previews of its upcoming mod and labour of love. "IRONCLAD: DOOM CHRONICLES". For any lover of the original Doom, and it's sheering three episodes of terror, fun, mayhem, and action. Ironclad is the new solution to the question. A vast new array of monsters, arsenal, code and ACS implementations. 21 new levels spread across three episodes! Supports TWO PLAYER co-op mode!


The story follows during the events of Doom II. Ironclad tells a Doom-lore story of a lone marine who is security personnel, doing his routine check patrols at a downtown retro-futuristic UAC skyscraper..Until all hell breaks loose on planet Earth. He must fight his way through the Ground Zero warzones of Earth during the demonic invasion of the planet, venture deep into a giant Mars Research Base, and the plot unravels in the third episode in the deepest reaches of the Netherworld!

IRONCLAD is a mod that will not disappoint, packed with a story-driven plot. A fresh rendition for anyone who is a fan of the Ultimate Doom.

Updates will be given regularly on the progress of this mod until its release date. Stay Tuned!

This mod is dedicated in the memory of Don Punchatz, Philip L. Clarke, and Ty Halderman.

Check out the new Episode One demo!

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First off,
Thank you for testing the BETA-demo release. But their is much more too see, and much more has been implemented in Episode One maps. And the progression of Episode Two has become more promising by the days. New mapping techniques have paved a new path for these maps. Sunstriker Mods will be posting play through videos of E2M1 and E3M1 shortly.

Screenshots of Episode 2, Map 3 are available in the Image section of this page.

We thank you for supporting this mod, and it's ongoing process of perfection and detail. As a fan of the Doom series. We want every aspect of IRONCLAD: DOOM CHRONICLES to be an exciting and nostalgic experience.

See you soon, thank you.


Episode 1 News

Episode 1 News


We are on the breach of Episode One map completion!

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Ironclad: Doom Chronicles (Episode 1 Demo - Phase Two)

Ironclad: Doom Chronicles (Episode 1 Demo - Phase Two)


The second phase of development for Ironclad. Featuring redesigned maps, awesome new features, and some minor adjustments. Sprites still need reworking...


Well not only doom...

Quake 1,2,3 with all mods
Hexen 1,2
Half-Life with all mods
Doom 1, 2,3 with all mods
Shadow warrior
Morrowind elder scrolls 3

But mostly I play doom mods. Since there is a development going on for the newest gzdoom and zandronum versions and also the possibility to play with controller or keyboard (I normally play with touch controls what is easier for me do to a lot of practice) I have collected about 140GB mods for Doom 1 and 2 and all it's games based on the same engine like hexen and Co... And since the app needed for playing it on android got downloaded over 5 billion times I guess you could say there are a FEW people out there playing it on smartphone...

I discovered a at least for me unknown website yesterday which has again thousands of mods available for Doom... And since every day new ones get released I will never stop collecting and playing them...

Do you plan to give your 2nd weapon some sound effects... I don't mean the shotgun I mean the thingy you can get with IDKFA?

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Hi there.. I've played it a bit and gonna say the first map is absolutely amazing. Sadly the 2nd map lags like hell on my phone. The other 6 maps work just fine. All together you've mad a really good job building this maps. Maybe there is a possibility to optimize map2...

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88Vega Creator

Hey DeltaDoomGuy. I really appreciate the response. :) i can look into optimizing Map2 for the final release so its a little more friendlier on Mobile. If not i can always make a final-release version that supports phone. Maybe possibly remove the skybox in the phone version? :) i originally intended it for a pc release as i was not aware folks play Doom on phones now ;)

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Hi there... I play all my the mods on android with gzdoom 1.9,3.1,4.0.0
And zandronum... I would offer myself as an tester also.. If it works with a smartphone it also works with all pcs... I have over 1200 mods and 5000 maps and definitely know my way around android doom ports... So if you like someone doing the compatibility test for smart phones... I would be happy.. Also nice work

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Oooooo I wouldn't mind testing if you'd like! I helped test Ali Jr's mod and I'm always updating my PB build whenever the gitbuild does. It's no problem if you pass, just wanted to put this out there :3

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