Intricate Onslaught

Warning. there is an extremely long block of text below. You really don't have to read it. its me collecting my thoughts so I can figure out what I'm going to write after it.

Alright, Intricate Onslaught is a mod I am working on myself. I myself (and this is why almost nothing gets done around here) Have very little knowledge on Modeling, Coding, Mapping, Writing up descriptions for shit like this etc. etc. So the reason Almost no new news and the like gets posted here often is because I spend my time Trying to learn Every single thing I need to for the mod and my schoolwork as well. this ends up leading to me, NOT, getting anything done because i over expand myself and get frustrated. Now this is in no way saying this mod is dead. its just going to take a while to get a lot done. So quit your bitching. if you really don't feel I am doing a satisfactory job on this. Do it yourself assholes. Now, with that said on to some things I am trying to implement.

For this mod I am going to work on many new things from weapon and character models to lots of things I have no idea in hell how to do such as custom particles etc. Though I am learning its a bit slow. but for those of you who got here AFTER I started trying to renovate I hope to give you a basic idea of what it will be below.

General Idea

You and a group of other players for a standard game will team up and fight against infinite waves of increasingly hard to fight enemies. In this aspect its much like any other survival game. However there will be several Game modes (listed Below) for people to play from to put this mod away from any other standard survival game. I am going to be working on more than just generic combine and zombies. I'm going to try and go the full nine on enemies. that means ranged, melee, magical ass rapers, Poisonous gas chambers. lots of stuff you know. Also I will be trying to work on the ability to carry/drag corpses of your allies and enemies. So you can drag your dead ally up the stairs while your other allies cover you and then you resurrect them in safety, or if your not the revival type you can pile enemies corpses on top of each other. This will put in I suppose what is a unique barricade feature. but be careful, this will slow down both enemies and allies. make sure everyone is on your side of the barricade first. Abusers to this can be reported directly to me and I will personally ban them from all servers >:D nah I'm just kidding. ill give you warning first. Enemies WILL knock down your barricade of bodies so dont stand behind it if you dont want it to fall on you :]

One last thing before we get to the game modes. If an ally is blown into pieces, you can not revive them without all of the pieces. That means you have to play Mr. potato head finding their pieces. you do not need to put them all in place. just put them in a pile to resurrect them. This will not be put in any time soon because that is waaay to advanced for me. but I will get to it eventually.

Game Modes

No Lies below. I am working on achievements.
there is 2 or more achievements for each mode

Standard Game mode: This mode will consist of:
-10 players
-Hordes of enemies
-Many team based maps
-Team based play

Slaughter Mode:
This mode will consist mainly of:
-The weaker enemies
-Many more weapons
-Free for all deathmatch, This means monsters will
fight players who will also fight eachother
-Shorter rounds
-Many more things I cant be bothered to say.
-Depending on server settings more players can be allowed for this game mode.

Outbreak Mode:
This mode is all zombies.
-Any type of zombie that I make and put into this game
will be included in this.
-Choice of FFA game play or Team Based Game play
-Less weapons, even less ammo
-Less health
-More being scared shitless when that guy you thought
was behind you watching your back is not there anymore
-More gore
-Lots of explosives
-Little kids saying OMG THAR ZOMBEZ DO WUT EYE SAI GUYZ!!11!
-The first time Ill remember to work on an in-game mute button

Sinister Mode:
This mode will fuck your shit up.
-Team based
-A lot of guns and ammo
-Some of the strongest enemies
-Very low health
-Other things I wont say or they will reveal other features I'm working on
-More enemies that have guns, no more killing everyone from afar and being unscathed
-Enemies with grenades
-Depending on server settings more players can be allowed for this game mode.

Last Man Standing:
This consists of a few modes within itself
-one life free for all with or without monsters, whoever is last wins
-Allies are revive able, one major enemy, invincible but able to be slowed by attacking it
whoever is killed last wins (so run around in circles)
-Explosive catch with either dog or whatever i make to replace him, he punts explosives at high velocities at a random player, whoever explodes last wins
-Depending on server settings more players can be allowed for this game mode.

Capture the Flag:
This mode is pretty self explanatory I think.
-Toggle-able monsters that work like bots for teams
-Random monsters in the field to kill both teams (also toggle-able)
-5 on 5 or 6 on 6 (depending on server settings)

up to 12 players depending on the server settings, the characters have
to complete a course with lots of danger (obviously) in between
-Either FFA or team based with 2 to 4 teams (in ffa players respawn at the start
if killed while in team based players would be revived by team mates).
-Whoever loses the race, whether it be 1 to 3 teams or all but one player
is executed at the end of the round >:]

Leader Mode (possibly, its a little advanced for me):
One player in control of
the monsters, they spawn them and order them around etc. Or two team mode:
One leader for each team 5 on 5 or 6 on 6 again depending on the server, in the
case of two team mode monsters would be spawned from either leader and assigned
to guard or assist areas or players etc.

In this mode 2 teams (again 5 on 5 or 6 on 6) start at a base of theirs and
go out to capture zones on the map. the perk to capturing zones however is
that each zone is a spawning area for a specific creature, so on one map you could
have a graveyard zone that spawns zombies, then another area would spawn
samurai or something. whatever I (or the mapper who made the map) decide when
making the map. So after fighting these creatures to capture the zone they will spawn
and attack enemies and enemy zones for you and will join your "Squad" if you want
-Several zones per zone map
-Respawns every 30 seconds or so, you can also revive your allies
-Possible armories in Bases and Zones which give an opportunity to
host many weapons.
-Just plane awesome (Not a typo)
-Generic soldiers or something will also spawn from the starting bases, if the
enemy starts to gain a lot of the map your soldiers will get a little better

Sandbox Mode:
This mode is anything. This mode combines all the other modes
or none of them. in this mode you do whatever the hell you want, with or
without others playing, spawn any kinds of creatures you want etc. experiment with
weapons, build your own unique scenarios etc.
This mode features:
-A spawn list for all of the content in the mod
-Ability to go into rts mode (possibly) to control the npcs to have epic battles
This mode will basically allow server admins to set up their own games things
that they want from the mod if they don't know how to do much.

Rape the Nazis Mode
: If I should take it upon myself to make Nazis, it will be purely for this mode and for sandbox mode.
-Point of this mode: Kill as many Nazi douche bags as you can within the time limit.
-Lots of different Nazis including experimental soldiers.

Non-Conventional kills mode:
(maybe) This mode will contain all the joke weapons
that I made for this mod.
-Team or FFA play
-Very weak monsters
-Very weak players
-Lots of joke weapons (So: Water bottles, Combs, rubber balls, Pens, Books etc)
-up to 16 players

Unarmed and Dangerous: (maybe)
For this mode players and npcs will clearly be Unarmed.
-FFA or Team play again
-Lots of weak npcs and I mean lots
-Hands,Feet,Head as weapons (Head butting will do quite a bit of damage but cause some to yourself)
-High jumping
-I suppose you will be able to use some powers here
-If I put this in then this is where the hand to hand combat mentioned before the update would come in. (Yes you will have the ability to block in this game)
-Stealth, I will try to put some stealth aspects into this part of said mod

And many many more

RSS Articles

Well, my computer has become completely unresponsive so I have ordered the recovery discs, once they arrive and I have my computer fixed I should be able to reinstall steam XSI nd all the other programs I had, though I will have to start entirely from scratch again.. But now with a basic Idea of what I had made I should be able to get to work faster.

Limited functionality

Limited functionality

News 5 comments

I have managed to get my computer to let me on through several batch files without safe mode, however i can not use the entire thing, nor can I use all...

Computer worm

Computer worm

News 9 comments

Well everyone, upon coming back to work on the mnod when i was able to use my pc again, i found out i have a worm. it fucked my computer. its unable to...




Well, i just lost my pc so expect no work on this mod for atleast a month or two.... not dead, just in a coma.

New mouse, work continues.

New mouse, work continues.


Alright! I just got a new mouse (my last one was broken and i couldn't model or map with it) So now that thats taken care of ill be able to work a lot...

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how is reviving going 2 work? ragdoll on the floor or bleeding out on a animation

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Apple303 Creator

Dunno yet, Im thinking ragdoll on the floor so that it will be a bit easier to set up.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

You could do a grave model, and have a particle effect and them rise from the grave like old worms games.

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Apple303 Creator

I love those games :D thats a good idea.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Apple303 Creator

Summary Updated

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Apple, i would like to congratulate you on actually thinking this through and having so many great ideas. Lovin the funniness of the stuff under "Outbreak Mode", totally true. Anyway, good luck and i wish you lots of help and fast progress.

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Apple303 Creator

Why thank you, despite what people may think I actually am working on all of this stuff whether they can see it or not :]

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can someone tell me what this mod is about?

the icon attracted my eye haha

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Apple303 Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

What makes this so different from any other mod? A mod won't be successful if you don't add anything original to a mod. Not trying to be hateful or anything, just stating the truth.

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