This is a one level mod, you play as an agent of a black box organization called intelligence. Your mission is to launch a satellite into orbit and then escape the facility the same way you came. Orders and mission updates will be displayed on the upper left hand corner of the screen, directing you what to do. It is mostly about reactivating the old facility via puzzles. Takes roughly 20 min. for first play through.

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Crypt says

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Average Source mod. Decent maps, generic puzzle, nothing particularly special, but it's not a bad effort at all.


flippedoutkyrii says

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It's a noble start and for what it's worth, it's a decent playthrough on a coffee break.

Some of the lighting in the mod needs extensive work and the way the combine appeared was rather buggy and was like shooting fish in a barrel. not to mention the mod was rather short and felt like a button-pressing adventure.

Otherwise, the level design was decent.

I hope the modder get's better in his next release, I'll be looking forward to it. :)


Khatgami says

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It's good.


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