Integration: The Stranded Light includes more than 80 quests with a strong emphasis on thinking, character interaction, choices, consequences, and lore. It delivers a seamless integration of Cyrodiil and Shivering Isles along with other lore races. A new, joinable guild plays an important role in many of the quests, which are unlike any in Vanilla Oblivion: A bit thinking, often multiple solutions, quite heavy on social skills. It also reaches beyond the typical mold of quest mods, seeking to enrich the existing game world as whole. The quests in Integration: The Stranded Light don't all follow a single storyline. It's more like a collection of somewhat intertwined short stories than an epic novel.

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although there were some loose ends this mod looks like it is in the right direction.


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Integration is a mod that ties many things in the world together. The vast majority of Integration is all about using your brain to find things, convince someone, or exploit an enemy's weakness. With many ways to do achieve success, or even failure in the mods 80+ quests, even one branching path there is much motivating you to play the mod over and over again.

There are several different storylines in the mod. The main storyline follows you helping some of the peaceful Daedra stranded in Mundus during the events of Oblivion.

Most of the quests are peacefully convincing people, and bringing about things that will help everyone; but note that sometimes you may have the option of doing less-than-nice things in order to succeed in these tasks. What little battle there is in the quests usually consists of fighting a powerful enemy with a mortal weakness, but you're not forced to only kill them using their weakness... like with the other quests, the combat portions will usually have many possible solutions.

Pretty much all of the characters and NPCs added by the mod are well written. With over 24 hours of silent dialogue there is a lot of background dialogue, flare, dialogue, explanation dialogue, and the like. All NPCs have personality, interesting schedules, and a fair amount of dialogue. There is one character in particular that you can romance with over ten thousand lines of dialogue. The romance also consists of 4 stages/faction ranks so this is no quick "get her in bed" fling.

Basically Integration is a huge quest mod, with unique and interesting gameplay, good stories, and lot's of well developed characters. If you ever want a taste of what Role-Playing Games should be, this is the mod to try!


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