Insurgent Strike is a realism mod for Battlefield 2,that was founded in early 2008.Our main goal is to provide the most realistic experience our team can provide,while keeping the game fun. All maps will have full SP/Co-Op support also.Community input/feedback is important to us so please visit our website and sound off. Insurgent Strike is mainly centered around current day combat in the Middle-East against Insurgent groups,such as in Iraq,and Afghanistan.Though the mod also focuses on combat against militia groups,such as in Western Russia. As this is a realism mod,factions,kits,vehicles,maps,and everything in-game has been adjusted to be as realistic as our development team can make it.Though we still try to keep the game fun.We use our Military advisor's knowledge,and our knowledge,of the military,weapons,and current day conflicts,to deliver a fun,realistic combat experience through Battlefield 2.

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This gives a preview of what is coming up in the next version of IS,and talks about many important things. --HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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As we come close to a new year, 2009, and Christmas,everyone on the Insurgent Strike Mod Team would like to wish everyone out there a positive,and enjoyable holiday season. But We'd also like to take some time to remember all of the Soldiers serving for their countries throughout the world,and remember their families,and the risks they take to keep us safe.Thank You Soldiers!

But In Insurgent Strike News, We have lots of good news to share with you. After numerous hours of testing from our development team, and tester team, we have found,and worked through various bugs,and things that have needed tweaking. I'm sure you, the community, will be able to easily see the amazing difference,and distance our mod has came from the first original beta version of Insurgent Strike.Due to our pushed back release date,we've also had the time to get some new maps ready for the mod,and I've prepared an updated,near final changelog showing what to expect in the v0.11 release of Insurgent Strike.The team here at Insurgent Strike would most of all like to thank one of our skilled,and kind contributors, that we consider apart of the team, but that person is "PenguinGeneral". He has contributed alot of his work,and time to our mod,and we really appreciate what he's done for the mod.Also,as I mentioned in the last update,we'd like to thank the U.S. Intervention Mod Team/BSS for allowing our mod to use their T-72 MBT, and SA-34 Gazelle Helicopter for our ISF (Iraqi Secuirty Forces) faction.



  • Replaced USMC with U.S. ARMY (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral For Exclusive ACU Re-Skins)
  • Replaced MEC with ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral For Re-Skins,and HUD work)
  • Insurgents
  • Replaced EU with U.K. ARMY (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral For DPM Skins,and HUD's)


  • Baghdad Streets (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By [IS-DEV]Agent07
  • Crossing The Stakes (U.K. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By [IS-DEV]DogBox
  • As Salman (As Salman,Iraq) (ISF vs. Insurgents) -By:[IS-DEV]Agent07
  • Bleeding Earth (ISF vs. Insurgents) -By:[IS-DEV]RedSand
  • Rebellion (U.K. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:ImTheHeadHunter
  • Al Janna (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:Den75
  • Devided City (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:Jones
  • Yadz Desert (Desert Fight) (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:SP Freak
  • Strike At Karkand (Night) (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:EA/DICE
  • Road To Jalalabad (U.S. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:EA/DICE
  • Mashtuur City (U.K. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:EA/DICE
  • Sharqi Penninsula (U.K. ARMY vs. Insurgents) -By:EA/DICE


  • M4 w/IronSights added (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • M24 SWS Re-Skinned (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • M2 Browning 50cal. MachineGun Sounds Updated
  • Replaced M2 Browning on Technicals with MEC 50cal.
  • Removed AA/Stinger Missles From M2A2 Bradley IFV/CFV
  • M2A2 Bradley IFV/CFV Sounds and HUD updated
  • M1A2 Abrams Re-Skinned and Reloading Time decreased
  • Minimap now only visible when inside vehicles
  • Shell velocity/shell drop for all tanks/armored vehicles tweaked
  • AH-64 Apache LongBow Re-skinned ,gunners HUD also updated with TV HUD
  • Challenger II Re-skinned (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • Colt M1911 Re-Skinned (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • L85A2 Re-Skinned (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • Galil Added
  • All U.S. ARMY kits tweaked to be Realistic (CHECK FEATURES PAGE/KITS FOR MORE INFO)
  • All Insurgents kits tweaked to be Realistic
  • All U.K. ARMY kits tweaked to be Realistic
  • All US/UK Vehicle HUDS adjusted to be Realistic (Choppers/Armored Vehicles/Tanks have Range Finders)
  • Thermal imaging added to US/UK tanks
  • AK-74S w/IronSights added (Special Thanks To PenguinGeneral)
  • Sounds for AK-74,AK-47,AK-74S,RPK-74,G3,and MR-444 all updated
  • 7.62 Co-Axial Machine Gun Sounds on US/UK Tanks updated
  • Removed T-90 from Insurgents Faction,replaced with BMP
  • Range/Power/Accuracry on all weapons adjusted
  • Re-Skinned AK-47
  • Blood Effects
  • Barretta M9 updated with vBF2 Barretta M9 sounds
  • New M4 Animations
  • UH-60 Black Hawk Engine Sounds Updated (Special Thanks To USI Mod)
  • AH-64 Apache LongBow Engine Sounds Updated (Special Thanks To USI Mod)
  • UH-60 Black Hawk Re-Skinned
  • AH-64 Apache LongBow Re-Skinned
  • Minigun sounds updated back to ,v0.10b Insurgent Strike, minigun sounds
  • L96 Re-Skinned

As You can see from this WIP changelog,we have changed alot,and some not listed,you will for sure notice in-game.Happy holidays,and be on the look out for the release of v0.11 of Insurgent Strike VERY SOON!

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