“Otherwise… well… I can offer you a battle you have no chance of winning…..rather an anticlimax, after what you’ve just survived…” Take the job. All that you had to do was just take the job. But, no. You decided that your pride was more sacred than your safety. And thanks to a teleport malfunction you are back right where you started… four kilometers underground in the darkest corner of the Black Mesa Research Facility. When you regain your consciousness, sirens and screams are all you hear as you wake up to the reality of utter chaos and destruction. Corpses lie mangled in pools of their own blood. Hallways and staircases are sealed – collapsed by airstrikes. To top it all off, most of the inhabitants of Xen have used their natural instinct to migrate here since the destruction of their home planet, and rifts in space time continue to throw Xen creatures into the bowels of Black Mesa... --- Developed by Richard Martin

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I have a love-hate relationship with this mod. I love the fantastic first half, the mapping, the story, the combat scenarios, all that stuff; towards the end however, it flags a lot. The mapping, whilst still for the most part spectacular, feels stilted and forced together; the final map feels unfinished, the final boss battle doesn't make sense in context, and the lack of any ending credits, or indeed closure to the story, makes it feel unfinished.


clever enviroment design. if the author ever bother to finish it with an ending.

Very interesting mod.
Sorry for my previous vote 4/10.
I've replayed it and change my mind.
Challenging gameplay + interesting situations + strong athmosphere.


Excellent mapping & gameplay, but there are no scientific labs, and Black Mesa in this mod looks more like a military base rather then a research facility.

Level Design is great, you got my score 10/10


Apparently so good that it freezes every minuts... Too bad

Good Mod.


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It was a very fun mod, i really like the "what if.." mods, mapping was nice and gameplay was smooth, some parts were challenging but not to the point of frustration. I only have two complaints about this mod: 1.After you kill nihilanth, aren´t the vorts supposed to be your friends? (I know it´s a what if... story but still)
2. Obviously, the fact that it doesn´t have an ending (But the creator said its not completely done yet so, i´m waiting for the full version)

Overall, it was fun and nostalgic, the mapping felt like those 2000/2001 mods. so i recommend this to anyone who feels like playing a mod that feels classic with an alternate story to the main game.


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