You are an unnamed protagonist who has a problem. You have an alcohol addiction. A very severe one, and it has been messing up your mind drastically.

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Map c_2s2 is near completion! I'll talk about the progress of the mod and basically talk about time. I also leave a present before I go.

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The process to fully complete one map, depending on the map size and amount of entities, can take up to a minimum of 1 week if the map is small. However most maps will most likely be the size of the most complete map. Which took a month to make. However, this map was started last month when I had only just begun using Hammer. As I learnt more and more, the process of map making has become much quicker and easier as I have understood things better.

So far here is the progress of the maps (these are all the maps that I have made so far)

These names are all temporary to make them easily identifiable.

Chapter 1:

c_1s1 = 50%

c_1s2 = 2%

Chapter 2:

c_2s1 = 35%

c_2s2 = 95%

c_2s3 = 2%

Chapters 3 and 4 have not begun yet as until either chapter 1 or 2 has been completed. No progress on 3 and 4 will be set.

Please don't let this news put hopes down etc. All this progress has only happened in less than 4 weeks. In between map-making I've been trying to edit custom models. However modelling is definitely NOT something I can do as my impatience cannot handle it. To conclude, Insomnia is going at a steady rate. Chapter 2 at the moment is the only chapter that has a full structure. Once I complete the maps and polish things up. Chapter 1 should already be near completion and then we can start doing the final chapters. For now, I'll leave one last thing:

2015 07 13 00010


I totally agree; it takes time to make a truly good map, and while modders and mappers do get better over time, while it does reduce the time and effort spent, it's still quite a bit of work. All in all, you're progress seems great, and I can't wait to see more!

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