Insanity's Requiem thrusts you into the ass-kicking combat boots of UAC Blackwatch Specialist, Ryan Wolfe. Ryan is a 29 year old Marine who happens to be better than any and all of his most physically fit peers... His secret? He's 1/2 Demon. His reflexes are unmatched, He can run faster, hit harder, and fight longer than even the most battle-hardened human. But the quirks from his Demonic Blood arent anything to underestimate either.

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It's been 10 long years since this project started back on Skulltag forums, under the name IronGuns to reflect my (at the time) username of IronHeart. To no one's surprise, it got ripped to pieces. I wasn't discouraged... I wanted to improve based on the harsh feedback. I kept it mostly under wraps only sharing closed builds with friends on private passworded servers while communicating on Skype... And then I moved on to GZDoom. Years go by, And here we are in 2020...

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And my little tiny mod that started out as nothing more than "Skulltag Noob's First Mod" has grown into a popular mod, its niche compared to powerhouses like The Trailblazer, Russian Overkill, Guncaster, Brutal Doom, and even Complex Doom, but I couldn't be happier with this project in the end. I'm gonna shut up now and let this final release trailer do the rest of the talking!

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