A year after the Borealis Incident, the remaining rebel fighters struggle to find a hero to replace Gordon Freeman. Running low on options, they resort to creating one of their own. An original story set in the Half-Life 2 universe. Re worked weapons, enemies, and even suit functions make for a totally new way to experience the world of the Half-Life 2.

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Add media RSS Testing Inhuman's combat in Year Long Alarm

I really appreciate how so many upcoming HL2 mods are working to make HL2's gunplay more fun and engaging.

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Yea, gunplay that's over 15 years old could probably use the update. I think a big part of it comes down to level design more so than anything else. a lot of mods, and even HL2 itself, have a problem with making a big room and then putting a lot of guys in it.

This particular combat sequence has really awesome mapping. There is good variety in enemy types (manhacks, zombies, soldiers) a good variety of big cover (the shacks on either side of the room and the truck), and some decent small cover dotted about (chest-high walls and some props.)

That's not to take credit away from the Inhuman team, though. I'm not playing so I can't speak for how different it feels, and I'm not totally educated on all the changes they made. The combat looks a fair bit faster and more aggressive, though. Very neat.

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ComfortJones Author

Yeah good combat is always gonna be a mix of the ai and level design. I'd say Episode 2 is a good example of the combat feeling good basically entire due to the level design. They script the soldiers in ways to make every feel *just* right which makes it feel good but it's never really all that hard.

Big philosophy for Inhuman is to try to have the best of both worlds. I want my combat spaces to feel super re-playable, like you can play it 5 times and still feel entertained and challenged.

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Yea that makes sense! I'm really excited for this mod right now, I just played Abandon and, you know, it was alright, I was pretty harsh in my review, this looks like it takes some of the positives from that and brings everything to a whole new level of quality, it looks really good and I'm excited to see what you do.

I, personally, have been just playing around with source to see what I can do in those scripts with my really primitive knowledge and I've been having fun, but that's all so basic compared to your work, your work is something to look up to.

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Don't know what to say besides that the changes you've made look fun. Really fun. Looking forward to playing this.

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Since the map sources for this awesome mod are publicly available, I decided to try and make this soldier encounter work with Inhuman's new mechanics. I think it plays pretty well!

Check the base mod out: Store.steampowered.com

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