Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition is different from the original version of Infernal Attack. This is a tribute mod, a compliment to the best Doom mods.

What is the difference between the two mods?

-I removed almost all original weapons from Infernal Attack (I kept only 3-4 old weapons), and I added 270 new weapons.
-The player can choose between 22 characters, and all characters have their own weapons. There are three legendary characters among them: Duke Nukem, Caleb and Lo Wang, they are using only their original weapons.
-I added 50 new helpers (various friendly monsters) to the mod. All characters have one unique helper, other characters can't use it.
-I removed those monsters, which doesn't fit into Doom's universe.
-I changed almost all monsters' health and speed.
-I changed the projectile of many monsters.
-Only Zombies and Marines have dropitems (and a very few demons have important weapons to drop).

Other changes:

-I added a lot of new monsters to the mod:

-8 Spider Masterminds
-6 Cyber Demons
-54 Demons
-26 Fatsos
-45 Archviles
-1 Fiend
-71 Cacodemons/PainElementals
-22 Heretic/Hexen monsters
-113 Imps
-51 Barons/HellKnights
-3 Quake monsters
-75 Revenants
-12 Sentryguns
-25 Lost Souls
-46 Spiders
-144 Zombies
-72 Marines

(It's totally 774 monsters)

-I added 31 Beacons to the mod. There are evil beacons among them, which will trick the player with enemies, or evil "helpers".
-I added 3 new deadly Barrels.
-I added 9 new Spheres.
-I added 13 new Armors.
-New loading music.
-Most of the Archviles are able to resurrect each others.
-The player is able to possess a few Cyber Demons and Spider Masterminds with the Possession Sphere.

Loading time is about 10-12 minutes.


Infernal Attack is a tribute modification to the best Doom mods.

Modders, thank you for your hard work! You are keeping the Legend alive!

The credits goes to the following mods (Sorry, if I forgot somebody!):

Scalliano's Shuffle 667
Shades Of DooM
Smooth DooM
DooM Expanded
Cosmetic DooM
Beautiful DooM
DooM 64k +
Brutal DooM
Complex DooM
Brutal DooM 64
Death Foretold
Flakes DooM
Hard DooM
Taggart Difficulty Mod
Led's Generic Weapons Mod
HXRTC Project
Cacodemon's addon pack
Colourful Hell
Complex Dust
Legendary Complex Addon
Cyan Doom
Doom Behavior
Escape from the Lab
Herculine's Doom mod
Mutation V2.1
Winter's Fury v2016.5
Hexeretic Fantasy
Doom2X v.07
SatanicREdux v108
RLME 1.70
DoomRL Monsters beta 6.2
Project MSX Extra badass monsters
Enemy Upgrades: Randomizer Antithesis [Alpha test 01]
Cyber Monster Randomizer
Eriguns 1.1a
Legion of Bones 1.0
All Out War 2.2
World War II Deathmatch
DukeNukem3D v10b
ShadowWarrior backup
jdredalerts Predators - Hellspawn Hunters [ver 0.3a]
The Terminator Mod
Monster horde randomizer
Project Einherjar
TwilightZoner V1

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Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition 3.0

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition 3.0

Full Version 1 comment

Hey Doomers, here is the 3.0 version of Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition!

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 9.0

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 9.0


Hello Doomers, here is the new version! Stay hard, and spread the death!

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 8.0

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 8.0


Hello people, here is the newest patch (+main file) version! I hope you Doom maniacs will enjoy it :)

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 7 0

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 7 0

Full Version 9 comments

Hello Doomgals and Doomguys, here is the new patch version! I hope everybody will like and share it! :)

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 6 0

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 6 0

Patch 10 comments

Hello Doom maniacs, here is the new patch (+the main file)! I hope you guys will enjoy this new version! :)

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 5.5

Infernal Attack Brutalcore Edition Patch 5.5


Here is the new patch (and the main file)! I hope you Doom Maniacs will like this new addon :)

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wow, this mod is worse than the original, the original had potential but this one goes wrong, I don't understand how you got permissions from the "creator" to keep the same name, at least the original had consistency in Doom-style weapons, but now it has a lot of arm designs that looks as if Doom-guy instead of changing guns gets to change gloves , the original took a long time to load the game, but this one is exaggerated and takes almost hours, also the character selection system is unnecessary and even absurd, the interesting weapons and enemies that at least had the original you took them off in your twisted vision of what this mod should look like, it is obvious that you make the attempt to continue that abandoned mod , and that's fine, but I think it would be better than instead of piling things worse than the previous creator who at least tried to have harmony, you allow infernal attack to die with the little dignity I had.

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I play this mod on a average phone and load the mod in like a minute at max. I don't get what people are talking about with the loading times. It's not the mod's fault. But yeah regarding the other points, the mod would be definitely better if it had more work put into it and had all the weapons customized so they at least fit the rest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It wont even start on zandronum, gzdoom, and lzdoom idk why it isnt loading

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Khold Creator

That's strange, the mod is perfectly working for Gz Doom.

The loading time is about 15 minutes.

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Khold Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote
Khold Creator

Wow, more than 10 000 visitors :O Thank you people :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I cant switch weapons when i pick them up

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Khold Creator

Every characters have unique weapons.

You can't pick up all weapons, only those which your character has in the equipment.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

oh ok thanks, i thought it was a bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Khold Creator

You're welcome :)

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