Incandescence Developments; A location of peace and deep thinking. The Incandescence Developments Mental Abilities Enhancement Program (IDMAEP)Is a program in which Chell partakes in. There are many new puzzle elements, designed to both frustrate the test subject and to help them toward succeeding. This doesn't take place in the Aperture Science universe, however... Incandescence Developments isn't like Aperture. The test associates actually cares what you do, and don't try to murder you. Time is key. Time of day. One test chamber might be impossible at day, but easily bypassed at night. Please note that this mod is on halt for Portal. It's Portal 2 version is currently in experimentation. Windows Compatible - Yes. Macintosh Compatible - Maybe; I don't like Macs, nor do I own one, so don't expect me to help you if my mod causes your Mac to a-splode. Standalone - Possibly.

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Who is your favorite/least favorite character? MikuMikuCookie MikuMikuCookie - read

Jan 3 2012


Discuss the nature of a character! Don't be afraid to say you dislike the main character if you don't like her!