Set in Andromeda 50,000 years in the past, players can command the nation of Thiiei, and engage in inter-orbital combat around God, a gas giant.

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In the Orbit of God gets a sequel on the indie game Starfarer.

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Dang, it's only been around seven months since ITOG was released? Feels like a lot longer.

Regardless of how long it's been, ITOG is getting a sequel--but not as a mod for Homeworld 2.

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In the Orbit of God: Thiiei's Ascendency will be a total conversion for the indie game Starfarer (

Because the game is 2D, you can expect a lot more content than its Homeworld 2 counterpart (Because, you know, I'm actually competent when working with only 2 dimensions). Like was originally planned, there WILL be three full races to play as. Creating Thiiei on Homeworld 2's engine was a massive pain, but Starfarer's engine is about a hundred times more pleasant to work with, and sprites are *considerably* easier to make than fully (or poorly, in my case) textured 3D models.

Without further delay:

As you can see, the Esk Coalition has two units currently ingame--two more than they ever had ingame in vanilla ITOG. And it's also obvious to see that the gameplay will be nothing like the original either, which might be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you like real-time strategy or top-down space shooters with strategic elements.

At the current rate of development (Which is rather fast, thankfully), a demo should be released sometime before the end of February. However, this will be the last post about ITOG:TA I make on this page, so if you're interested, be sure to follow the thread on Starfarer's forums.

Project thread (with lots of pictures--I promise):

And seriously, Starfarer is an awesome game, and for the $10 it costs, it's more than worth it. So buy it.


It's sad to see you stopping development for this mod because ITOG is a very solid and well done total conversion for Homeworld 2 that actually felt like a TC.

Thanks for all your hard work and for releasing this mod !

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Well, even for showing me Starfarer, what sounds total awesome, thank you! I might be sad to not see this develop on in HW:2, but Starfarer doesn't seem to be such a bad choice on the other hand.
Good Luck with this.

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Nice to see your having a sequel, to bad it's not in HW2 though and I'm not familiar with starfarer, if you work with the mod in HW2 again I'd be glad to help.

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