In 1187 A.D, two major religion has clashed in the Holy Land once again. Baldwin V of Jerusalem was pass in young age, and Guy de Lusignan become a new king of Jerusalem. While Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, start to launch his Muslim brother, aims to reconquer the Holy Land and push the crusade out once for all. Will you fight for salvation or Allah? Or, would you like to end the misery of the Holy Land by your own way?

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nice mod we need some updates and will be come 10/10


Exactly the kind of content we need.


Excellent mod! Defeinitely in the top 10 Warband mods!

This mod is amazing, the animations and battle cries in French and Arabic, feels awesome, but there's some bad translations and some bugs for example to join the templars.

This mod is what Warband should have already been. Interesting thing the history is respected. Places and lords are good, the character design of factions is really good. They added so much little things like those merchants running away from raided caravan and if you're lucky they have a spur falling from them ! This make want to really raid the caravan like a crazy barbarian. The scenes and sieges systems are awesome !!! Siege towers battering rams Balistas ? The scenes are really good (that Armenian Cilician village was really looking Cilician !) and the interiors too. For me it is the mod of the year ! And one of the top 5 best Warband mods ever. Also the team is really nice and have a good communication with fans !

Amazing scenes, great items, lovely new animations. Definitely worth playing

Mod have some problems but I believe they will fix soon.

Edit=Much better right now I vote 9

This is the best mod about the crusades and one of the best for Mount & Blade


Jerusalem2020 says

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I am from Palestine, I live in Jerusalem
and I want to say that this is amazing

god wills it!

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Exactly the kind of content we need.

Jun 4 2019 by JSparo