In Lucy's Eyes is an Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod unlike any you have seen before. It's a completely new experience, filled with chilling gameplay bringing you to your knees. In Lucy's Eyes introduces a bunch of new aspects to the game. Everything from giving life to the maps, making them randomly simulate scares and events to fit every kind of player in any kind of map, to custom created monsters with completely new functions that has deep, dark parts of the horrifying story. Are you ready for a new kind of Amnesia mod to take you to that dark place inside yourself? Follow this mod until the release this November, and prepare for one of the best horror experiences a mod has given you. Find out what you can see... In Lucy's Eyes.

Gaviao says

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Very good! this FC had unique moments, the maps were really good and really well detailed, the story is also unique and very good!
but unfortunately, the creator didn't spent too much time on the ending, i through since he used some new models, he could also use the model of a kid and do more maps for the ending, even if for some cutscenes of the main character running, i mean, he did the cutscenes at the start of the story of him arriving the castle in-game, but well... other than this, this is a unique custom story(FC) and i recommend everyone to play this! it has unique moments,it has alot of scary moments that will make you shiver,and this FC have new monsters!

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Simply brilliant. I have played over a hundred mods for amnesia so to say this is one of the best ever really speaks volumes about its quality. This mod combines the atmospheric terror of tenebris lake and the originality and detail of Key to Freedom in a way that makes this a very unique and scary experience. Does have some bugs and the first level is a lag fest but overall this was an amazing mod and certainly one of the best for Amnesia TDD.

Dec 17 2014 by MODLOVER43