Mr. Lerwick, Mr. Taylor Lerwick I should say I hope this letter finds you well. I know that the past few months of your life haven't been the most endearing of experiences but I have something that might encourage you. My manor I recently purchased is a tired withered old place that I have grown disinterested in. Its creaking halls and lavish scenery don't invigorate me like they once did. If you could take care of it for the weekend I would be happy to cover all your outstanding debts and remember, before you decide so quickly do you really have a choice?

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Good story, with good glitches, sorry bro but a 4 for me, as an advice, in your next custom stories you might test them and fix bugs if there are, before publishing it. Thanks

Too many bugs. You cant get to the end of the story.

It has a good base storyline but other than that, it fails to please. Too many dead ends and it doesn't tell you what to do or where to go. 4/10. 6/10 If i could even finish it.

After fumbling around with some scrips and deleting a few entities I was finally able to bypass the shelf glitch I kept encountering toward the end so I'm finally able to write you a proper review.

First off, I must say, self aware videogame character? A+. I loved finding all the doors that led to unfinished parts of the maps and having him sass the developer. It added a bit of humor when being chased by monsters.

I liked this one a lot, it actually felt like a story which is getting harder and harder to find. This one had its own unique formula that made it a pleasure to play. I just wish it was a little longer. Everything was great. I hope there's more in the future.

An awesome and interesting custom story, if you like custom stories that asks for stealthy gameplay past the monsters, then this is a cs for you. Only unfortunate thing that happened to me was when you put the code in don't close the door, they are a bit glitched and you wont be able to open them.

Great CS!
Negatives- many bugs; when I was putting in the roam numeral numbers, the door behind be closed and locked, unable to get out. So I restarted at the basement. Then at the end, I went up the ladder to the orb looking thing and got stuck. So i really didn't want to redo ALL of that so I didn't get to finish.

Positives- great music! cool story, cool design, great voice acting and awesome key hiding places!

Overall, it would be an 10/10 if there wasn't so many bugs. :) great job!

Great custom story. While I have not finished it yet, I love every second. You were able to take maps and models from The Dark Descent and make them enjoyable for someone like me, who has played custom stories more than anything.

-The music is top notch
-Voice acting is good
-Story is great so far
-And of course, the atmosphere and monsters are scary, despite playing so many other custom stories with the exact same stuff.

10/10 I can't wait to finish it


- Intresting story
- Decent level design
- Voice acting


- Ladder event
- Not much challange
- The music needs some work


This is exactly what we need, people which put alot of effort to the story. The music wasn't very great and the even when I had to throw up a ladder and place it above me so I can get across the hole, jesus christ, not only did it get stuck/fell down five times, I also had to rotate it in a perfect angle to get passed the invisible block boxes that were blocking more than it had to.

7/10 - Good

First the positive - I love that you incorporated pretty cool voice acting, that are done really good as a matter of fact. I'd like to see more VA like this in any other future mods!
The story is OK, and I liked it.

The negative - As far as the gameplay goes, I felt throughout the game that it was decent, but in the end the MOD is really easy, maybe too easy. No challenges, no tough brain tinkering...
I liked the voice acting BUT... the "music" is soooooo lame and soooo annoying, that I was actually going through files and settings to turn it off!! And I am a musician myself, I know what I'm talking about. How can you play Maj chords in an environment where blood needs to freeze from music?! Oh, and the mistakes in every single song... Plus - the violin is 20-30% off with the tuning, gave me (negative) "nightmares" (I actually finished music school - violin).
And dude - NO LIGHT SOURCE?! OK, it had it's cool moments, but never, ever do a MOD for Amnesia without a lantern/flashligh...


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Needed more bassoon.

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