Imperium is a 8 level episode for the DukePlus mod for DukeNukem 3D. People in the project, William Gee, Mrline, Maartn, Numan, KaiseR and Deeperthought.

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Great Mod, make sure to play with HRP.


micky_c says

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This is a great mod, (that's a word I'm going to be using a lot in this review.)
Great levels,
Great music,
Actually that's it :P

Imperium has 8 medium-large incredibly (and I really do mean incredibly) detailed levels. I'm referring to level design and object detailing, usually there's some kind of compromise/trade-off between the two but not here. There were times when I stopped playing and simply looked around admiring the scenery.

The music was made specifically for this mod, it sounds amazing and fits the levels well, helping to set the mood. Some of them are also quite catchy and I'm having trouble getting them out of my head (I'm not sure whether it was the music itself, the gameplay, or a combination of the two that caused that)

All these aspects come together to create an incredibly epic atmosphere, along with a real sense of progression as you move through the levels. Good use of cutscenes (especially the prologue! god damn that was good!) help to convey the story and occasional horror elements, all which contribute to the feel of the mod.

I ended up rating this 9/10. I'd give it ten except for that I got stuck a few times and it took me ages to figure out how/where to go next (I'm still not sure how I got past certain areas.) And an ending cutscene would be nice if an update ever comes out (but that didn't really bother me.)

All in all, you MUST try this at least once, you won't regret it, and a big thanks to the authors!


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