What you can expect from this Custom Story:

- Well first of you should not expect anything at all since this is my first custom story and will probably turn out to shit. ;)
- Somewhat decent mapping i guess (some small maps since i got abit better at map making as the story progresses so the early maps will be small i might expand them eventually but still small sorry ;s )
- Variated atmosphere
- Will be voice acting, but all characters done by me hehe, but i try to put an different accent on every character to make them sound all unique. But a good amount of message interaction as part of storytelling
- Enemies (oh really?)
- Interesting but confusing story i guess since i come up with most of it on the fly as im making the maps
soo hopefully it will turn out okay.ยจ
- Some basic puzzles not, any groundbreaking stuff, but this is kind of an short story driven story too.
- Will not be finished anytime soon as im heading to Millitary Service 6th of January and will be home only a limited amount of time. But hopefully i can get it finished in fall 2014 or sooner. I will try to update as best as i can anyways.
- Im aiming at 20 minutes of gameplay for now.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you all :) !

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Millitary Service

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Hello community on ModDb! So basically im going in millitary service in 2 days and will be away for a year service (not completely sure how long but probably about a year), and will obviously not have time to update alot or do much work on the story, i will try whenever i can but the time will be highly limited.

When i finished in service i will most likely try to finish this story.
Again il try to update when i can though it will not likely happen alot.

Thanks for reading and have a happy 2014 people!




Not figured out the complete story yet. Will show a preview of the characters of my story. hope you find this interesting.

Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

Sounds good!

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impala-of-mayfair - - 201 comments

This looks incredible for a first custom story. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to this!

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