Continue the incredible Half-Life 2 Storyline somewhere in the antarctic through ice lansdcapes and underground bases inspired by Half-Life and conspiracy theories like the "Dulce Underground Bases" and the "Nightmare Hall" all in the confort of a new MKVII HEV Suit.

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I'm rating the mod based on just the 40+ minutes I've spent playing it (about half of the mod), might change my mind if I ever finish it.
It's mildly disappointing as I liked the implementation of penguins and such elements that enhance the feeling of it, but expected more improvements compared to the older version I've seen about a year ago, and the gameplay is pretty boring and uninteresting, and enemies are pretty much just reskinned Half-Life 2 opponents. Same for the weapons.
Sound and visuals aren't great, but again, I like some arctic-themed additions.
Level design is kind of bad, and at many occasions it's clear and obvious the maps don't make sense as a physical whole, as they often overlap.

Horrible. Don't play this. From start to finish I didn't find this mod in the least enjoyable. The mod looks like overall trash, from the weapons, to the npcs and to the environment. But let's not look at just graphics shall we? The mapping is horrendous, and the whole game had no sense of direction or motive. You were simply going through places without any real indication as to why you were there. There was even a whole puzzle section you could skip without any effort. The npcs are either weak as **** or hilariously buffed. The voice acting is also quite cringy, and some **** like the talking trashcan in the beginning, which was clearly meant for comedic purposes, was completely unnecessary and unfunny. The mod is also full of bugs from Medics throwing nothing at me and enemies staring at the wall. I found the mod to be getting worse as it progresses, with the final battle being the worst, with the combine soldiers targeting only me even though I had a rebel squad. Even the ending was broken, with nothing happening after the final battle. I wandered around for a while before looking at a playthrough to see that there should have been an ending there. And from what I saw, the ending made no sense whatsoever.

This might just be the worst mod I have ever played

The mod may have its moments but its dragged down by terrible voice acting, uninspired level design, and bizarre enemies that feel out of place and are badly animated.

Needs improvement. And implement of ALL the assets.


There are so many things wrong with this mod.

"Ice" for the most part, was a really unique and innovative mod that I was ultimately completely unable to finish.

The setting was very unique....and 'to a fault' there were actually TOO MANY weapons to choose from. The custom weapons are as unique and distinct as the weapons from any other HL2 user-made mod I have ever played. Most were VERY EFFECTIVE (that is, the 'antithesis' of 'underpowered') against enemies.....but ammunition for only 'some' of these weapons seemed to be found in decent amounts throughout this mod....

Even the gravity gun is very unique in "ICE" and has a cool futuristic sound that is unlike the sound FX of the gravity gun in HL2 and other user-made HL2 mods.

Combat for the most part wasn't too difficult or too easy....
Incidentally, I never thought of myself as much of a 'penguin-hater'......but when you come across icebergs and penguins in this mod....they are very annoying and often try to surround you so that you cannot move without either utilizing a 'no-clip' cheat or else killing the penguins, altogether. They are also very annoyingly-loud and never cease to 'bark' as penguins do....

At some point in "ICE," there must have occurred some kind of 'script error' which prevented me from progressing any further once I reached a certain level: A door didn't open or something didn't 'happen' that was supposed to. As a result, I utilized a 'no-clip' cheat to scan every portal, door, etc. and the entire map level that I was currently playing.....and I still found no way to progress any further....hence I had to give up on this mod altogether....

All things considered, I rate "ICE" a 6/10. It looks and plays like a high-quality 'amateur' mod -- and has extreme potential and is extremely unique.....but also conversely has some serious flaws here and there as well.....



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i had a lot of fun


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Amazing mod, love the custom weapons and enemies. The portal reference was just what I wanted


It has ice in it

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This is one of the best HL2 Mod's I've ever played. After being so disappointed & let down with The Closure, all of my hopes for a decent fans attempt at making their own Half-Life 2: Episode Three. But this was more than decent, it was great! The New Weapons were fun to use (Dual SMG1's, Aperture Shotgun, & Mobile Turret FTW), New Enemies were fun to fight, and New Maps, whilst not great looking, were well made and balanced enough. +Pros +New Weapons. +New Enemies. +New Maps. +New Gameplay Functions…

Dec 18 2017 by SweetJuleka