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It has been confirmed that this mod is compatible with the Steam version of the game. Having trouble? Find guidance here

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No direct acts have been made to make this mod compatible with Steam. However, it has been confirmed that this mod is compatible with the Steam version of the game.

If you do have any trouble regarding this matter you should find plenty of guidance in these user posted tips on how to install and use the mod with the Steam version of the game:

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"Tells me that the wrong disc is inserted. I am playing off of steam."
"To play on Steam, download and install 1.1, start & play the game, then install the 1.1 to 1.2 patch."

"It keeps asking for a disk"
- "There's a problem with the new Xray Engine the mod has, after installing the mod, go into your steam menu right click on the game and select properties. Then go into local files and have it verify, it'll replace the mod's engine with the default but it'll make the mod workable."

"I have CoP through direct2drive.com. I followed the readme instructions to installing this mod but I am also, just as another steam user, getting the securom issue when I start the game. I might also add that a crack doesn't work, it only states that it can't read fsgame.txt"
"Cracked it with the xrengine file but had to run stalkercop in the main directory. cool mod btw"

"I get the Securom thing and can't start it. Tried verifying game cache and it did nothing to fix it."
"Run as admin"
"Just install the mod as written in the readme, then go to your Steam library, right click on Call of prypiat, propieties - local files - verify integrity of game cache. Then automatically 3 files will be downloaded. In this way the mod works fine, but you will have vanilla fov."

"Securom won't let me run it and I don't feel like looking for my retail disc."
"Yea man just copy all the files over... then once you do that go into you steam library and right click on stalker cop-- go to Properties---go to local files and Verify intergirty of game cache. it will see that it needs like 3 files and there you go. start the game up and you will be able to play the game."
"This probably reverts the Xrayengine.exe file back to the original one, and deletes the modded one but, hell, if it works I'll do this. Thanks!"

"It says it needs to have the original CD inserted."
"Installed v1.1 over a fresh installation of CoP, then installed the 1.2 Upgrade over that"

"Whenever I try to launch the game it says "No disc inserted. Please insert the original STALKER: CoP CD/DVD" I tried again after I followed the uninstalliation instructions on the readme and it still gives me the same message every time I try to launch..."
"I think I solved the problem. After you download the mod, go to your Steam library, right click Stalker CoP, go to properties then to local files and click "verify integrity of game cache." Mod is working fine for me now!"

"It kept crashing. I extracted all files into the CoP directory"
"If you have the steam version just place the gamedata folder and the user_atmosfear.ltx in the CoP directory. The unins000/unins000.dat caused the game to crash on steam."
"It was my understanding that you had to put mods for the Steam version in C/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/STALKER Call of Pripyat"

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Thanks to all those who desided to share these tips and insights!

// Aaroe

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