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CURRENT VERSION 2.0 RELEASED _________________________________________________ ___________ DOWNLOAD: Hypercube: Source is a HL2 deathmatch mod. It takes place inside of the same cube that was seen in the moive "Cube 2: Hyperucbe". It has traps from all three cube movies, and has been designed to simulate infinite cubes in a finite number of rooms. The object of the game is to simply, get out of the cube alive. This project was started on Jun 21, 2006 and was released on July 21, 2006. There are three exits in this cube, and to make it more difficult only one exit is activated at one time. Its not easy to get out DONT GIVE UP. LADDER NOTE: To use the ladders first, Climb above the side door and press the jump button, you will land on an invisible ledge. Now you can simply duck and go through. NOTE: dont duck before you jump and land on the ledge. Percentage Complete: 100% _________________________________________________ ___

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Hypercube: Source v2.0

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Full installer for Hypercube source version 2.