Rebirth is an upcoming game modification that seeks to add more depth to the gameplay, as well as new races. While we are looking to add new game mechanics, we also want to ensure that we'll end up releasing a dynamic, fast paced game that is strategically deep, and offers interesting interactions. Meanwhile we also want to ensure that balance is a #1 priority. In the future, we are looking to add new races, too. We are also drafting concepts for a single player campaign.

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fantom87 says

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Easily my favorite Homeworld 2 mod! Complex is fine, a lot of things didn't make any sense to me, like having a ship that generates the majority of the power for the fleet rather than having that capability in a well protected ship like the mothership. I have a similar grievance about the research ship, but that's very minor. Personally I'd prefer if these roles were add-on modules to the mother ship or something.

Replacing the specialty destroyers and cruisers with a single modular version was a stroke of genius! I'll actually use these, and the previous specialty ships weren't worth the RU's usually.

Keep up the awesome work, guys!


Firstzndk says

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Wow!! Complex Enhanced! I love it
I surprise Complex other mods!
(I don't like Simplex.)


heberthbr says

Amazing. Just amazing


NEVEN9 says

There is a lot of stuff to have fun with just modyfing and changing from one to another, upgrade part is also very "enchanced" as title says.
Legite, professional work and info, i didn't noticed really any bug nor a glitch.
Great work I say, Great work.


456rty20 says



Slimak81 says

Not bad


paykuhan says

perfect!!!! XDD


Mytre says

excellent mod , bringing new gameplay to an excellent game.


Chosen-One says

Complex as it should be. Without annoying stuff. Everything is effective and working.


i2D says

Great balance. Very much needed.

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Wow!! Complex Enhanced! I love it
I surprise Complex other mods!
(I don't like Simplex.)

May 4 2013 by Firstzndk