Mobile Suit Gundam 0079-0083 Mod - Version 3.3 (REMASTERED UPDATE V.3) The war between Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon has begun. It's now your chance to decide which side to join, develop your fleet, and destroy your enemies. By using the most space weapon, the Mobile Suits, your enemies will be crushed. From original Gundam to Stardust Memory, One Year War to Operation Stardust, and everything else in between. It's the first and the only chance to command your Mobile Suits squared in full 3D space battle. There are also some secret units to be discovered as well. WHAT'S NEW! -F1 key now opens the Music Player menu with 46 Gundam BGM tracks! -Player is set to RANDOM by default but play mode can be changed and songs can be selected from the playlist. (THANKS to 9CCN, HW_Lover, lone_wolf for making and updating the music player mod for Steam as well as making it mod-creator friendly - and to yelow13 for helping debug it!)

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It's Awesome...


GundamMerc says

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Highly detailed tech tree for both factions that goes all the way up to the Stardust Memory stuff.

Both factions are really balanced for a mod, while having different strategies for each. The Zeon start out as the most powerful, but fall behind later on. The Federation starts out weaker but able to pump out units, gets stronger later on. Unfortunately the factions aren't balanced with the vanilla game's factions, meaning fully random battles are extremely unbalanced.


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