Advanced mod: Revived is a Home World 2 modification that specializes in taking the 2 existing races and expanding upon them. The idea, is to add in multiple different new ships, re-arm every ship in the game, and specialize each ship with a blended, but still clear role. By giving the player more options, and doing it in a professionalized manner the mod "advances" the gameplay of Homeworld 2 into something different, something more fun, and yet still tactically fulfilling.

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Dec 24 2011 Anchor

Welcome to the General Discussion thread where you can discuss what you would like to about advanced mod, the weather, or generally anything. The only real rules to this thread would be to direct technical problems, like bugs, misspelled words, or anything pertaining to the miss-function of Advanced Mod, to the Technical Support Board.

Other than that, enjoy yourself.

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Dec 25 2013 Anchor

Mind if I make a few suggestions?

Firstly, I think that the Strike Fighter, while an okay idea, kinda defeats the purpose of the game being a counter-play based game. Maybe instead you could replace the Strike Fighter with Cloaked Fighters? Basically, if you look at the REARM mod, the author of that one used fighters capable of cloaking themselves from sight, detectable only by proximity sensors. I know that in HW2 it differs from HW1, but having access to stealth fighters would be really neat.

The second is that when I'm adding extra weapons to my ships (i.e. point defense guns on Carriers), I don't know what each weapon is best at (except in obvious cases like Flak guns and Railguns). It might seem a bit of a pain, but could you add descriptions to the various weapon mounts that you can put on Carriers, Cruisers, etc.? That would make them a lot more straightforward.

The third thing is that Heavy Bombers, IMO, are just way too good when deployed in large numbers. If your opponent doesn't take them out immediately, a large group of them can instantly kill one of your capital ships with ease. If they're meant to do that much damage, then could I recommend that you give them very short ranged attacks? This way, they basically have to get right up to their target before they fire, and have to brave anti-fighter defenses.

Lastly, and this is totally optional, is that I'd like to see something like the Grav Well Generators from HW1 and HW:Cataclysm in some capacity. Basically, if strike craft or corvettes fly too close to a ship equipped with a Grav Well, they either are immobilized or have their speed significantly reduced, making them easy prey. Dunno if you can pull that off, but if not, it's not essential.

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