Mostly known as a "Quake III On Doom" mod, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the Player versus Environment and Cooperative experiences that Quake III Arena never had.

Post news Report RSS No monthly releases for now, but for a good reason

Currently i'll be ceasing the monthly releases of the mod and 2.9.5 will be the last one for now until i am done with the remaining abilities on characters and scheduled stuff.

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Hello once more Warriors, today i decided to leave the mod in closed development again for a greater update, as the title says Version 2.9.5 will be the last monthly release for a greater update that i plan by the end of this semester hopefully, where finally the Alliance will show up as a first part of the final content to be added to the mod.

In the meanwhile i need your help to finish the abilities of the remaining characters since i am running out of ideas for them, currently the ones which i completely have no idea what to do for them are:

  • Hossman
  • Mynx
  • Bitterman
  • Xaero
  • Grunt
  • Sarge (actually nevermind this one)

Orbb, PI and Hunter are still pending to be made but the plans is:

  • Orbb:
    Active Ability: Target Lock - For 20 seconds all projectiles Orbb fires will automatically track targets.
  • PI:
    Active Ability: 1000 Knives - For 10 seconds, PI will summon knifes around her that will fly where she is looking at.
  • Hunter:
    Active Ability: Shocking Fury - For 20 seconds Hunter will be surrounded in a electrical field that damages all nearby enemies.

Currently the activity of the page here will decrease again, i invite everyone interested in online matches in Zandronum, talk about the mod or other stuff and recieve news as they appear in the official discord server:

HM Discord Server


I assume you meant,
“...but for a good reason.”

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Zanieon Author

Aww god damnit! And i was staring at this article for 5 minutes trying to find the error i was feeling i left. Thanks.

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I could suggest you the abilities for these characters:
-Hossman (an akimbo mode like Blazkowicz in Quake Champions);
-Mynx (an ability skill similar to that one used by Nyx);
-Bitterman (summoning Strogg allies around him and helping him in to the fight);
-Xaero (psychic powers like telekinesis, mind drain, mind control, ecc.);
-Grunt (an energy shield that temporarily decreases the damage);
-Sarge (a double jump ability skill could be useful).

I hope I've been helpful about that.

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Zanieon Author

Good ideas and i'll be gathering more around while i'm doing the ones for Orbb, Hunter and PI.

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I wanna ask you another question.
What'd you think about inserting the three new characters from the PS2 version (Revolution)?
The characters in question are:
-Reaper (a guest from Dungeon Keeper, the special attack could be an instant-kill melee attack);
-Mistress (another guest from Dungeon Keeper, the special attack is flying around with a bladed whip, Catwoman-style);
-Vadrigar (the announcer and true final boss that only appears on the PS2 version, his special attack is summoning doubles of himself to distract the enemies).

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The phrases on the brackets explain who are these characters and what kind of special ability could have.
I attach some links of the images about them.
-Reaper (although he's called "*****"):
-Mistress: 3 mistress&ved=0ahUKEwjT8piyzuzZAhWIsxQKHUOSCSMQMwg6KAMwAw&iact=mrc&uact=8
-Vadrigar: 3 mistress&ved=0ahUKEwjT8piyzuzZAhWIsxQKHUOSCSMQMwhCKAswCw&iact=mrc&uact=8

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Zanieon Author

Well, i don't plan to bring Quake 3 Revolution stuff into the mod, probably only few audio lines i managed to get from it.

Btw the story i have planned for the mod definetely excludes the Vadrigar from being playable, even more because his appearance in Revolution is completely disappointing.

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Im waiting in this mod btw nice screenshof

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