HunCraft Genocide is the most detailed unofficial expansion pack for StarCraft: Brood War. It has 3 new units, new heroes and special buildings in the campaign, 3 new campaign episodes (26 missions and a hidden mission), more than 40 new multiplayer maps and some small changes. Though the most StarCraft expansion packs can be used in use map settings, this game has own exe file, menus and new map file format (hcx). It does not change anything to your original StarCraft installation, but needed to be in the same directory. There is a bugfix patch for it which make some balances in the game. Single player can be described with mass battles and especially difficulty. The story continues after Brood War, when admiral DuGalle has committed suicide and Kerrigan has regained control of the Zerg forces. According to Brood War epilogue, no UED ships returned to Earth, but some UED forces remained on Char. The game starts with exactly the same prologue which Brood War has as an epilogue.

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This article is not a walktrough anymore. This is just a summary about the game. Walktrough is moved to tutorials section.

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First of all, thanks to StarCraft Wiki for this nice summary article:
This one might be deleted, because it was only a source for the summary article:

This ModDB page created in april of 2012. Before that there were no avaliable content in English and advertisements about HunCraft. Just because the developers didn't think so important to advertise this game in English communities.

There were some demands to translate the game into English. Some examples:
You may think it is too late, because StarCraft 2 was released meanwhile, but this game has an exciting campaign, it is worth to finish it, or try some multiplayer games with the new units. If you liked StarCraft 1, you should give a try to HunCraft.

"I recommend you play the game, it's worth it."--Deepstrasz

A facebook page is also created in June of 2012.

HunCraft Genocide works well with the newest Brood War patch in single player (campaign and custom game), but for network games 1.09b Brood War patch required (it is included to HunCraft installer). All servers for HunCraft are offline permanently. Network games can be organized through the internet using network emulator clients (tunngle, hamachi, xfire).
It would be nice to see on youtube how some sc1 pro gamers play with this game.

Term "Huncraft" is also used for a Hungarian StarCraft 2 competition, and for a Hungarian minecraft community. These terms can be mistaken sometimes like in this stream at 02:22.

This is the very first trailer of HunCraft, was made in december of 2000.

Walktrough starts from here:

HunCraft is a detailed expansion set for StarCraft: Brood War, by Huncraft Interactive, released in August of 2001. It has 3 new campaign episodes with 26 missions and a hidden mission, 3 new units, new heroes with new portraits, new special buildings in the campaign, new music tracks, 2 new cinematics, more than 40 custom maps and some other minor changes. It is in the Hungarian language but the hotkeys are the same as the English language Starcraft. The original name of the project was StarCraft: Genocide, but the Hungarian version was retitled to HunCraft, and since no English version was ever released, the game is known as HunCraft.

Blizzard's publisher, Vivendi Universal, did not allow the game to be published as an official expansion set, due to the low number of Hungarian customers, so it was released as a free game. It was not particularly popular, as many Hungarian Starcraft fans did not know about it, due to the lack of advertisements. According to Huncraft Interactive the making of the game was very difficult, due to issues with some of their contacts.

Though most unofficial expansion sets could only be used in custom maps, HunCraft has its own exe file and a totally new environment (new load screen, new episode characters) with new map file extensions (hcx). After installation, original Starcraft can be used without any changes, because HunCraft has separate files from the originals, but HunCraft must be placed in the same directory. HunCraft is supported until 1.09 patch, but works equally well with subsequent patches.



Some speech of the units were changed
When you click many times to a unit, there will be some funny speech of the units
Protoss Psy Templar: "What would you like to choose, psy shock, hashing, dismembering or maybe rugging to molecules? So, A, B, C or D? Is that sure, can we mark it?" from the Hungarian Who wants to be a millionare, by István Vágó who asked many times that "is it sure"
Protoss observer: "Utcára nyílik a kocsmaajtó" which means Pub door opens to the street is from a Hungarian "mulatós" song
Protoss observer: "Hi, im Kate, have you got one more Pepsi" is from a pepsi commercial cutted with the part from the Pulp Fiction when Butch's girl confesses that she hasn't brought the wirst-watch
Terran Phantom: "You sunk deeper than Titanic"
Terran Firebat: "You can call 105" the phone number of firefighters in Hungary
Terran Medic: "As I consider your mood, 100 gram of ricunis can help you"
Terran Siege Tank: "Run Forest, run!"
Terran Siege Tank: "Hi there, this is the Dáridó, our mood is always good" from Hungarian show Dáridó, with Lajcsi Lagzi about Hungarian "mulatós" songs
Terran Dropship: "Please take care, doors are closing" from the metro of Budapest, capital of Hungary
Terran Dropship: "Leaning out of the vehicle is forbidden, because I dont like washing up blood"
Terran Marine: "Look down me oh my god, look down me, help me" - A Hungarian song by Jimmy Zámbó

Bugfix Patch

Balances: - Terran Phantom nerfed, instead of 8 attack power, it has only 4, its life changed to 200 instead of 250, can attack ground only
- Psy Templar hasnt got detector anymore
- Missions has got new titles
- Some text fixes and gameplay fixes
- Units and building portraits fixes
- Cheats can be used in campaign without errors
- AI cant cloak with Phantoms
- Appropriate ranks of heroes
- New scenes, better joining to original Starcraft and better introducing the storyline.
- Balanced difficulty in campaign
- Some scenes and the missions are faster
- Colors unified, fitting to original Starcraft
- Mission 5 and 6 are totally reedited
- Easy mode is not supported in this patch

Note: after installing the bugfix patch you cant use your old saved games with the changes of the patch, so it is recommened to be installed before you start the campaign.
Installing the bugfix patch is equals copy, paste and overwrite the old exe file with the new one.

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