This is a mod for the game SWAT 4 - The Stetchkov Syndicate The mod works through another fantastic mod which in my humble opinion should be the base game itself. the SEF MOD [Elite force] The goal is to perform multiple varieties of every thing in the game plus change some scripts.

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a SWAT 4 MOD: [HOV] destined to create multiple varieties of helmets and skins. the mod features listed below.

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HugeOfficerVarieties [HOV]

[SEF 6.4]

This mod Adds 27 types of base game helmets in multiple varieties.
plus 5 more skins every 4 teams totaling 20 skins.



for the mod to work the way I wanted it to; I had to reshape many things in the game such as the game character itself.
what did i do that for? to fix some lightings and replace the nameTag behind the officer with the texture of the vest. This resulted in more advanced work because I had to duplicate the vests and so with the normal process put the names later on each duplicate.


sorry about my English.

  • cuz I extracted the base helmets from the game to add the varieties they may look a bit weird in some regions of the map but they still look pretty cool.
  • each helmet added has a camera and a pair of headphones because this is a Swat game. duh.
  • The basic skins of the player and their teammates have also obviously changed despite little difference.
  • You will always aim down with your weapon. Only when you see an enemy or a civilian who has not raised his hands will your weapon activate the aiming feature. Or when you turn on your flashlight. zooming in won't make you aim because I haven't found any code that does that.
  • some new custom maps; from here. [although some of them are already implemented in HOV]

The mod works through another mod called Elite force [sef] on 6.4 version. It's a great mod and I recommend from the bottom of my heart you download it. (because my mod doesn't work the right way if you don't download it. lol)

This mod may not sound like a big deal though, but for the reasons that are listed above gave me a lot of work because I'm just one person. I made this mod a whole week using 24 hours of my free time. (First Version)

pls credit me, the author, if you wish to move the static meshes or the skins for another project.

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