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This news post is to tell you how you can help me out in making the HOTD mod for mount and blade and some other information.

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Alright I decided to post some new's about asking if anyone wants to help me out in making the mod. There are many things that need done but it will all be worth it so do any of you guys here want to help me out.

Even if you cannot mod you can still help out by

  • giving ideas on what maps you would like
  • requesting items
  • spreading the word
  • subscribing to my youtube channel
  • giving me feedback on the mod so far
  • your hopes for HOTD
  • tracking the mod
  • commenting
  • helping out in your own way
  • wishing me good luck
  • asking what I would like to mod next
  • etc

If you can mod then you can help out by

  • joining the team
  • start to work on the mod and get organised
  • donating models and textures
  • helping out in your own way
  • etc

I really hope that I can get some help, the other two guys that have joined so far havent been on in days and communication is kinda non-existant and thet are only helping out but they havent submitted or shown me anything so far but thats ok. This mod will take very long to complete and at the current pace it may take to the end of this year or beyond so we could speed up the pace as this is really a one man project.

I want to thank everyone so far for tracking, commenting, supporting and for even just clicking on the mod so thank you all.

If you want to find my mod group here is the link

My Youtube Channel

For those who havent noticed I have referenced other animes (and some other stuff) in this mod and I'll list some of them here for you if I can remember them all. They are not in any particular order so here they are

  • Code Geass
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • City Hunter
  • Robotech
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Salaryman Kintaro
  • GetBackers
  • Dragon Ball

I like the little references you put in I request some FullMetal Alchemist and Durarara!! items
I have been imroving on my modding skills snd might be able to join your team soon Are you still planning on working on that super power 2 mod next? Anyway good work so far can't wait to see more

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xPearse Author

If your refering to the Code Geass mod for super power 2 because I already did that if you didnt notice. I finished it last year around august or are you talking about something else.

I have not saw either of those two animes you mentioned so I don't know about references for them. I wish you well on learning how to mod so good luck.

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I believe you mentioned something about working on a new super power mod or something like that after you finished this and the Code Geass mod

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xPearse Author

I was thinking about doing another ones months ago but I dont remember mentioning it, did I. I was going to use the reborn mod as a basis which that one allows you to sell military units directly to another country or even give them for free.

That mods better than uberfox in my opinion but I doubt you have a clue what im talking about. If you go on golemlabs forum you would. I was going to be called Breakup and be just based in the area of UK and Ireland with a 4-5 faction battle out.

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