Realism: Hostile Intent is all about realism, covering realistic weapon damage, realistic missions and mission stories. Hostile Intent gives the player the feeling he's actually there. Be it a nuclear submarine, an embassy raid or a military base in the middle east, each and every one of them is modelled with a level of detail that a lot of other games/mods/tc's don't have.

Amazing gameplay: The best of the best on both teams. In Hostile Intent you can either join the ranks of the world's best counter-terrorism units or be part of a member of one of the many terrorist organisations existing in the world. In the end it doesn't even matter, because in Hostile Intent you'll be fighting for your life.

Map specific player skins: Each and everyone is done with such an amount of detail and life-life animations that it makes a lot of the current retail games out look ugly. For every mission theme there is a skin set from which the mapper can choose from.

Team specific weapons arsenal: Both NATO and the Tango's have their own set of weapons to fight with. For NATO there is the MP5A4, M16A2, PSG-1 etc. The Tango's can choose from the cheap and widely available on the black market AK-47, AKSU-74, M76 etc. All the guns are balanced in such a way that there isn't one gun which is the ultimate best. Each gun has their own pro's and con's.

Extra equipment: Need a little bit more of a BANG in your attack? Grab a Fragmental Grenade. Or are you looking for a stealthy approach during the night? Better put on those Nightvision goggles. Looking for a tactical entry in that building? Grab a flashbang and take the enemy out while they're blinded.

An original take on the Half-Life VGUI: Fast and functional. No fooling around.

A realistic aiming system: The only realistic way of simulating how to aim and fire a gun. In most games you use crosshairs to aim. In Hostile Intent however, we chose to use a different way of aiming. An idea a lot of retail games are allready incorporating. Hostile Intent also uses the aim through the gun's sights as it's aiming tool. Don't worry, if you think the gun is obstructing your vision then you can just lower the weapon to waist level. This does however, seriously affects accuracy.

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RSS Articles

I'm proud to announce the release of Hostile Intent 1.6. This version has been in the works for a very LONG time and I personally would like to apologize to the community for it taking so damn long. It may not come as a surprise to most people here since I secretly released the files days ago to the community. It was intended as a "Public Beta" without all the hoopla of reporting bugs and that other crap that comes with it. As I type this a patch is in the works and should be available in about a week since I'm going on vacation starting Wednesday afternoon (Yeah!).

The entire community owes ifOnly a HUGE THANK YOU! Because without the dedication of that community member/developer none of this would be possible. Who would have thought adding a few weapons would break half the 1.5 maps. It was ifOnly's hard work and dedication that went into fixing each and every map that was busted in 1.6. That stuff takes a long time so be sure to send him a nice thank you pm

Here is a breakdown of what's happened in 1.6 compared to 1.5:

New Content
+ new weapons:

+ new maps:
+ 'tutorial map' for new players
+ added small player lean effect on strafe
+ 'objective found' text can now be toggled using a cvar cl_showobj 0 or in the settings menu
+ 'objective found' text can now be disabled on the server using the cvar mp_showobj 0 (overrides client, default set to 1)

- added short delay (2.5 sec) before smoke grenade explodes.
- increased the length of the smoke grenade to make it more effective
- revamped weapons:
- totally revamped maps:
- updated maps:
- all new weapon sounds
- new higher-res splash screen
- revamped 30 player models
- made briefing text brighter
- removed certain precached models that weren't used in game to save on map resources
- improved stats logging - can now show completed objectives, assisted objectives, and survival bonus
- TK Punishment - Excessive teamkill is by default a 20 minute ban

Bug fixes
- fixed jump-shoot exploit - player can no longer jump and shoot in mid-air
- fixed third person exploit
- fixed crash bug in hi_congo and hi_khartoum on linux servers
- fixed some models bleeding green slime
- fixed flashbang exploit where a player can jump or fire to stop ringing sound

Known Bugs (to be addressed in upcoming patch)
- Flashbang ring can be heard if someone is flashed giving away their location
- Burst mode on P90 and P90sd needs to be fixed
- Wiggle walking happens sometimes
- cg.dll and cgGL.dll files are missing from the full installer
- Prone movement sounds are really loud

I've finally completed the stats portion of the server logs. In 1.5 they were ok but didn't track objective captures correctly. You will need a stats program like hlstats 1.34 or Psychostats to parse all the server logs.

Using the stats program you can give a person bonus points for surviving a round, capturing the objective, or assisting in capturing the objective. This will encourage teamplay if your server publishes the stats.

Here's an example of what each line looks like:

L 11/16/2006 - 22:16:54: "[ERT]Imhotep(SAD)<107994216>" triggered "Survival Bonus"

L 11/16/2006 - 22:26:56: "[E]psilon[7331]<119748248>" triggered "Objective Complete Bonus"

L 11/16/2006 - 22:26:56: "DmD.Hatemaker [GER]<108117232>" triggered "Objective Assist Bonus"

Here is a list of file mirrors with more on the way. I currently do not have a Linux Dedicated Server file yet because I am unable to properly test it here. If anyone would like to volunteer to test the Linux server please pm me immediately so I can get you the files.

I'm also looking for some Euro mirrors for our English friends Anyone interested please shoot me a pm. If anyone would like to host a mirror pm me your direct links and I'll add them to the official mirror list on the website.

Hostile Intent 1.6 Full Client
Moddb -
3D Downloads -
Internode Games Network (Australia) -

Hostile Intent 1.5 to 1.6 Upgrade
Moddb -
3D Downloads -

Hostile Intent 1.6 Windows Dedicated Server
Moddb -
3D Downloads -

HIPR Holiday News


The HIPR team has some big news coming this holiday season! Many people have been hard at work bringing a fresh outlook to HIPR. We have a new website...

Hostile Intent 1.5 released

News 3 comments

As the title says, 1.5 is now available to download. This is not an open beta it's a full release. Everyone give a big shoutout to Negley for doing...

Hostile Intent 1.5 is Released


As the title says, 1.5 is now available to download. This is not an open beta it's a full release. There are 2 files available, one is an upgrade...

Hostile Intent 1.3.5

News 3 comments

Source: Hostile Intent Download: Hostile Intent 1.3.5 Patch It's finally ready, after coming within minutes of release yesterday a couple last minute...

RSS Files

Hostile Intent 1.6 - Missing Nvidia Files


Forgot to include these 2 files with the initial release. Unzip this to your half-life directory if Hostile Intent will not load correctly.

Hostile Intent 1.6 Windows Dedicated Server

Hostile Intent 1.6 Windows Dedicated Server

Server 3 comments

This is the Microsoft Windows dedicated server installer for Hostile Intent 1.6. This is a full install, no prior version needed.

Hostile Intent 1.5 to 1.6 Upgrade

Hostile Intent 1.5 to 1.6 Upgrade

Full Version

This is the upgrade file to install if you have 1.5.

Hostile Intent 1.6 Full Install

Hostile Intent 1.6 Full Install

Full Version 3 comments

This is the full install file for Hostile Intent 1.6. No prior version needed just have Steam installed and you're ready to go.

Hostile Intent 1.5 Upgrade


This upgrade file is to upgrade your current 1.4 or earlier version of Hostile Intent.

Hostile Intent 1.5 Full Version

Full Version 3 comments

This is the complete 1.5 install file. You will need this file if you've never played Hostile Intent before.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 118)

was excited to play this mod but steam "could not load the library". any ideas on how to fix this? *edit* if you have a problem running the game with the 1.6 installer, try installing 1.5 and update to 1.6 for it to run!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

are there bots in this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey all, There is a bot file that was reuploaded and I read that I cannot post links but it can be found on bots united. The bots work on 1.6 but only have waypoint files for 2 maps, one of which was remade on 1.5 so it doesn't work. Bot waypoints are being crafted from someone in our community. Or ask us in the bellow Discord link and I'll provide a link.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i want bots ib this game man also does anyone hosting server for this mod ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I always think of this mod out of the blue for some reason. Great game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi everyone!

I run a discord for virtually every multiplayer half-life 1 and 2 mod including this one. We play a mod of the week at 2pm est every Saturday and Sunday that we vote on throughout the week. When a mod wins the vote it gets removed from the pool. We are also an informational hub for all of the mods as well. As of the time im posting this we are playing Hostile Intent today and tomorrow.

We have around 400 members so far. Stop by and say hi!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

the game used to have bots back in the day, does anyone have any idea where to get bots again? And I dont mean monster mod. Only bots I've seen recently were only for a few maps and he removed the download from online.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This was the game back in the day. It flew mostly under the radar unfortunately for many people, but those in the know had a great time. I still remember the sub, the house, the warehouse, the jungle, the middle east and the hotel maps. Just gorgeous and superb gameplay if you like realism. All iron sights up or no gun play. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. And the devs actually listened to their fans. It was a great community.

I'd play again if people are available.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Lets make a group on steam ,maybe more mods pas allong like the wastes and snow wars !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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