Hopeless Night is a horror Modification for the Source Engine.

DarkShift says

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I don't understand at all such a low rating, this mod has it all.

Besides the first and last sequences a bit boring with all those keys and stuff to search go-back-and-forth, I particurlaly liked what you do with the city, those giant herds where the player has to run for its life, and the whole part with Harry and Maria, nice story and voice acting, I was a bit disappointed to left them behind... That, and the ending was a bit abrupt.
Nice musics also.

Overall, after a decade of playing hundreds of HL1/HL2 mod's, I can really say you've done a pretty good job, even considering that you used NH2 zombies material.

I hope you won't let those harsh reviews demotivate you and continue to work in the modding, or video game scene, you have talent.

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