Born of a dissatisfaction with Homeworld 2, the Homeworld:@ team is building upon the foundations of Homeworld and Homeworld:Cataclysm to create a faithful sequel in the Homeworld:2 engine, with new ships, storyline, and game mechanics.

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One of the most brilliant mods for HW2.

Homeworld 2 has an army of mods, many such as complex and HWU being excellent, and this mod, though less complete, is every bit as good as the mentioned two. Why so? I will grade this in 5 categories.

Graphics: This mod has brilliant new effects, lacking in vanilla HW2. From the new ion beams to the gunfire from Glaive class Destroyer's anti-fighter guns, everything looks awesome. The textures are also on par with HW2 2.0, and everything looks clean and well-made. 10/10

Original Design: The mod scraps every ship or concept ship from HW2, with plenty of more traditional ships for the Hiigarans, and the Vagyr are completely redesigned. The Hiigaran ships are spot on, looking every bit like a Kushan ship should look like, the same for the Taiidan. The Vagyr look awesome. End of story. 10/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is very well done. It brings back HW1 days of gameplay, guarding your resourcers, though you still NEED carriers i order to opperate at all, a "feature" that, from what I have heard, will be gone when it is done. The scale feels right, better than any past game, and the addition of defence guns to smaller ships is a welcome addition. 10/10

Sound: Almost every HW2 sound is replaced. I like each and every one of these new sounds, from Vagyr fighters to ion cannons. 10/10

Documentation: It has a Historical and Technical briefing akin to HW1 and Cataclysm. Very well written, and back story for all the ships. 10 /10

Closing Comments: Very well done mod, should make it to this year's top 100!

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