Born of a dissatisfaction with Homeworld 2, the Homeworld:@ team is building upon the foundations of Homeworld and Homeworld:Cataclysm to create a faithful sequel in the Homeworld:2 engine, with new ships, storyline, and game mechanics.

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Homeworld:@ releases another alpha package including new backgrounds, new effects, and a new ship.

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(FFI) Blaze Ion Frigate

When the Reconciliation was unveiled, speculation immediately began on the replacement for the decrepit Firelance III Frigate. The Kiith Council, the Daiamiid finally decided to take control of several Kiith-level enhancement programs and place it under the purview of the UNH. The admiralty of the UNH immediately began embroiled in its most divisive project to date, with several hundred contributing design officers and many thousands of scientists all attempting to steer the project their own way. Kiith nationalists also often tried to manipulate the design to make use of their particular Kiith's specialties, whether it was Kiith Nabaal's lightened compression Ion weapon, or Kiith Paktu's ducted exhaust maneuvering system.

After one year the product was being castigated by outside critics as well as the frustrated designers. The proposed single-beam layout was lambasted for a lack of vision and hide-bound traditionalism. Those proponents of multiple-weapon designs, including a Kadeshi-inspired triple fixed beam and a variant of the Reconciliation with light ion turrets replacing the kinetic turrets were criticized for unrealistic expectations of nascent technology. Cooler heads began to prevail, and in the end the single, fixed, mothership-class beam wrapped in strategically placed armor and engines proved to be the most effective and cheapest option. Extensive field testing showed that this proposal, dubbed "Blaze", could use off-the-shelf technology in a new configuration to save enormous costs in develompent. Shared technology with both the existing Reconciliation frigate and Tempest destroyer allowed production of the Blaze class to begin almost immediately after the design was finalized, enabling a complete replacement of the Firelance III within only a few years time.

The current Blaze is a single heavy energy artillery emplacement with numerous redundant vents and cooling systems installed. These systems can barely keep pace with the massive cannon bulging out of the interior of the frigate; the heat sinks will actually glow cherry-red on firing. Armoring has been reduced for the sake of slightly increased maneuverability and significantly increased firepower and range; this weapon system is capable of devastating larger ships, living up to it's heritage as a giant killer. It has also been criticized in some circles as being a glass cannon, dangerously vulnerable to return fire and strike craft assaults. Standard doctrine includes corvette escort to protect against enemy bombers and larger capital ships drawing opposing ion fire.

• Max Velocity: 100 m/sec
• Armor: 16000
• Firepower: 228
• Coverage: 3%
• Maneuverability: Low
• Mass: 42000 tons
• RU Cost: 650 RUs, build time 60s

Download Links Big file. Data folder.

Change log
• Added UNH_FFI
• Added UNH_Carrier
• Improved UNH_DDS energy cannon effects and SFX
• Improved UNH_DDS and UNH_FFI ion cannon effects
• Separated UNH into distinct race, no longer part of HGN fleet
• Put in place custom background for certain skirmish maps
• Added launch animations to frigate antennas
• Default player colors set to Homeworld 1 default Kushan colors, Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm faction colors set to default color picker swatches.
• Expanded Readme

The carrier is best described at the moment as a placeholder. You're free to complain about any visual glitches with it, but at this time we won't consider them bugs.

I would appreciate it if someone cloud take a look at the asteroids up close and let us know if anything strange is going on with them. We're having some internal issues that are hard to pin down, so let me know please.

Hostilities End has a new background and lightmap. I've never done lighting in anything before, so if you have any issues with how I handled it, feel more than free to voice them so I can improve.

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