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Unleashing Sajuuk was a mistake... For it released the Great Destroyer.

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These are the new changes to the Vaygr Faction, these changes to go their more raiding style gameplay. Hope you Vaygr Lovers enjoy them!

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Alright lets get down to business shall we. The Vaygr have upgraded their crusades, and fleets ever since the end of Homeworld 2 these changes are.
--Gameplay/Balance Changes--
-All plasma based weapons have been replaced with laser based weapons now
-This means ships like the Vaygr Bomber, now known as the Assault Bombers are armed with Laser cannons instead of plasma bomb launchers.
-All Vaygr ships have been given a speed boost
-Some Vaygr Ships like the Carrier have been given a health boost
-There is a second improved manufacturing upgrade after the first
-This allows Vaygr Fleets to be able to build more ships even faster to go with their raiding style gameplay.
-Destroyers Now attack facing their enemy instead of useing a broadside tactic.
-This allows the Destroyers to use their new frontal laser cannon that must be researched.
--New Ships--
--Fighter Class--
Strike Fighter
Siege Bomber
--Corvette Class
Mortar Corvette
Assault Corvette
--Frigate Class--
Laser Frigate
Long Range Missile Frigate
--Capital Ship Class--
Light Cruiser
Battle Carrier
Warlord Dreadnaught
--Platform Class--
--Utility Class--

--New Subsystems--
Weapon Research Module
Flagship Engine Booster Module

These are all the changes, and new ships the the Vaygr, I hope you will enjoy these changes.

Now heres a epic screenshot from a epic hard battle I just did against the Hiigarans, and Kardarans.

Epic Vaygr Screenshot


You goofed... plasma -> laser is a downgrade not an upgrade because lasers require allot of energy to achieve the same result as a plasma-based weapon. The physics behind it is somewhat complex but to put it simply: Lasers rely on photon interaction with the target's crystalline matrix (what sort of links the atoms of metals form with each other regardless of modifications to the purity of the substrata itself) and transferring energy to the target via excitation of the atoms themselves. This energy is then released via the Joule effect in the form of heat which starts melting the metal itself. This chain of events is energy inefficient when compared to the direct application of both kinetic and thermal energy in the form of magnetically contained sphere of plasma to the target's surface. For one it isn't as susceptible as lasers are to the angle at which it hits (glancing angles will cause reflection thus losing even more energy), for another it isn't as sensitive to the target material's composition (if the target has a thermal energy dissipating layer you can damn well forget about lasers).

What would I suggest instead of plasma -> lasers? how about plasma -> plasma shell (basically instead of a naked plasma bomb you have plasma magnetically contained within a more conventional armour piercing shell, sure ammo is then a consideration but with a penetrator in effect the armour of the target would have to be thicker still to withstand the penetrator and its plasma warhead.

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DarkSajuuk Author

its my mod, I can do what ever the heck I want with it, on top of that I'm sick of every single race using plasma in some shape of form I wanted to change it up and I never said it was a upgrade I just said these are the changes.

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