A singleplayer mod for Half-Life based on a new version of Half-Life FX engine. While the main mod, HLFX:Single, that uses maximum of engine features, is still being developed, you can have an opinion of relatively small project entitled HLFX: Lost in Black Mesa.

TheUnbeholden says

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Fairly short, for such an ambitious mod I was expecting a tad more than ~30 minutes. Especially considering the last 10 minutes was a familiar, reminiscent ride from hl's On a Rail, which was the longest and least interesting part of the original Half-Life. Not exactly a great way to show off the HL:FX engine but that leads me to the good stuff

+The effects are really quite nice, everything is overhauled except for the models (which are just the ones from the blueshift high definition pack). Its really nice to see HL being invigorated with more life than its ever had.
+Fairly middle ground difficulty wise
+Secrets counter
+Interface for door keycodes and even one puzzle that utilises the enhanced interface.
- I guess the level design, while good, weren't anything spectalur, and if anything, where a tad more towards the safe route. ie theres no risk taking with making grander set pieces, theres nothing we haven't seen before, and we what we do see is mostly the higher res textures doing the work for the level designer. I guess better textures makes the level designers think they can do less work... some scripts could have made a big difference, some details beyond the norm.

-+ending a tad early.

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