Claustrophobia is an Action/Adventure/Puzzle type mod in which you play a rebel in the Half-Life 2 universe fighting and solving his way through areas to get to safety.

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Tonight or Today if you're European or American I am going to review The Sewer and I have stated this modification is the toughest modification to be beat. Why I say is the toughest Modification because it is Puzzle Hell as each of the chapter of to solve piece by piece to process to another chapter but however, finding those things to solve wasn't that easy as they're very hidden all the time and very ridiculous to find them and increasing the Frustration to think that the mod is bug and forgetting to save and die from the important part before continue. Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention about that something about wasn't see it all day, this modification don't regularly save very much as other mod have, because the developer wanted to push the gamer even much hardest decision to whenever he wanted to save or not. Also, to make the matter even worse to the gamer, the difficulty setting is random as each chapter complete the difficulty change as well even though you have set the difficulty from the Menu it doesn't work at all because it is Random program as we cannot do it as each chapter progress and this modification is the first time that don't crossfire to aim at the enemy to shoot so that even much being about that. About the story yes in every rebel modification this one is very special. A Citizen Civilian is a Rebel called Malcolm wake at the office but after the Combine starting to attacking, he try to run away from the Civil Protection and head into the sewer begin but he now know that the Underground of tunnel is not just a simple way for the other way out it is a Nightmare beyond Dream-sequence as he need to fend off Combine and Zombie along the way to solve a lot of mystery being inside the Sewer of secret Rebel Base. Yeah the story is pretty much about Rebel Rebellion against the Combine. The gameplay however like a science-friction as a lot of puzzle to solve even with the unnumbered of enemy on your *** being much more frustration then challenge.

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This review will not contain a traditional pro/con review, but rather just a semi-length text review. It also contains spoilers. At first glance, you will notice that the download size of this mod is not that large. But, thinking that this mod is short because of the download size is extremely erroneous. This mod is best classified as a puzzle solving one. A majority of your time playing through this mod will be spent by backtracking once you gather something in order to move on to the next puzzle…

Feb 11 2011 by dcf-joe