On spawning into a map you can choose either Combine or Rebel forces. The server always auto balances teams and automatically switches you between each team on alternate rounds, so every player gets to play every map on every team, and teams are always as balanced as possible. The objective is fairly simple, there are 3 or more sections to each map, and the Rebel team must achieve a particular target as described by the commentary before the next area is unlocked, until eventually destroying the final target at the end of the map. Areas remain unlocked once opened, and the spawn points will move on. Combine forces are only equipped with the AR2, stunstick, smoke grenades and SLAMs as they have the easiest task. The rebels only have the crowbar, pistol and machine gun and smoke grenades. All players can view an objective map in the top righthand corner, which also shows player locations, team status, and the position of the next objective. The rebel targets can be destroyed by explosives...

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