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A very nice mod! The story side of it is a bit lacking.. (a scientist wanting you to jump into a teleporter without explaining why)
On the good side - This mod was actually hard! I chose "normal" difficulty and it gave me quite a challenge sometimes, which i really liked!
One thing I didnt like was that in some places where aliens spawn through their portals they just keep respawning each time I pass through the certain zone, other than that a great mod, so I am giving it a fair 7

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I'm surprised by all the bad votes here. I loved this mod. The mapping was even better than Valve mapping. I found it odd that there is a lot of stuff (mostly models) still left in there but never used (like the Ngrunt). I'm giving this an 8/10 because of the ending. It just cuts to black in the middle of a sewer. Wtf. Also the mod was pretty short.

Extra: I was given a special thanks :)

Mar 9 2012 by DoctorAmazing