Dig underground tunnels, build rooms and attract creatures at your service, then use your army to annihilate your enemies. Each room has a different use and can attract a specific type of creature, so it's up to you to build the best hive possible. You can even build traps or research new spells to improve your defense capabilities.

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Explendid arcade map, it totally changes the game and the way that it is, its just like playing dungeon keeper with zerg units. ps: it's quite hard to find someone to play with...


This is a phenomenal realization of all the fun of Dungeon Keeper. I expected it to be a buggy experience lightly touching on DK elements, but instead found a mod that recreates the game with a starcraft feel. 10/10.


MOST awesome dungeon keeper "game" out there and its just a map, i love it and cant wait for it to get a full release.
works perfectly and have an excelent tut



This is a great combination of styles and this is worth to try it.


I always loved Dungeon Keeper(II), since the disk died, I can't play it anymore :( so this will replace it untill War for the Overworld is out , well done :D


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Dungeon keeper is amazing, and therefore this should be supported!

Featured by Blizzard so you can play it for free!


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