It's year 1200 AD, war and peace are at stake in Spain. Both Muslims and Christians coexist, often fighting, always distrsuting each other. The Almohad Caliphate controls the Southern half of the Peninsula and has recently defeated king Alfonso of Castille in the Battle of Alarcos. On the other hand, Hispanic kingdoms are splitted up and torn by continuous struggles. War is inminent...

zedpaolo says

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A very nice surprise! This mod is well done, even in the small details you can find a properly done job.
I like the athmosphere and the new concept that let you choose to start the game as a king (giving an entirely new and different experience).

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Okay, after playing for a couple of hours, I must say, I am impressed. Really impressed. The long version: This is one of the best "1st version" mods I have ever seen. I haven't explored the troop trees in huge detail, but from what I've seen they seem to be in balance. Great costumes, great graphics, an absolutely FANTASTIC User interface, clean and crisp. The dialogues are very well done, they add a lot of flavour and the new NPCs I have run into, seem very interesting and fitting to the setting…

May 19 2015 by Antonis9