This Unreal 227/Unreal Tournament Mutator will replace all those old, blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-res counterparts. Version 2.1 is now complete with player skins!

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Looks very good without feeling out of place like older texture packs for maps.


Great work, it requires alot of hardware power to run however. I always play Unreal Gold on lower hardware even in this day of age and this mod couldn't barely run, my computer froze because of it. I had to resort to using a med-range computer to get it to work. It's barely noticeable however compared to the rest of the work in the entire game.

There's an amazing amount of effort that's gone into the work on this mod, and when combined with the S3TC Texture pack it has a massive impact on the overall look of the game, sharpening the edges softened with time and really making Unreal look good again for a new generation.

Very cool textures.


Combined with the hd textures, this is wonderful.


IAmTheWalrus! says

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Pre dardy


The new skins look fantastic while retaining the elements that made them so "Unreal" in the first place.

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