High resolution textures, higher render distance, more dynamic shadows and other graphics tweaks for the game.

Full feature list for the current version of the mod.

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Content of the graphics mod.

  • ~600 reworked textures: (Multiplayer compatible except for skybox and water textures)
    Environment, house, vegetation, minor objects, ground textures, particles, skybox, etc.

  • Lower LOD settings and object culling: Objects and terrain appears earlier and/or in better quality.

  • Higher render distance, lower fog for better view distance.

  • Disabled "billboard" textures: Proper vegetation textures used even at far distances

  • Enabled specular light on some models.

  • Enabled vegetation sway on all trees, palms and bushes.

  • Some debris stays for longer time.

  • Environmental map enabled on church windows (reflection).

  • Custom water and normal maps on some levels.

  • Lightmap enabled on "ships". (Multiplayer compatible). This is fixed by dgVoodoo.

  • Advanced shaders by ReShade. (Multiplayer compatible). Coloring, bloom, godray.

  • Config tweaks. (Multiplayer compatible)
    Lower mip map setting. Textures appear sharper.
    Lower LOD settings. Some models appear in better quality at far distances.
    More dynamic shadows.

View distance

As you can see some stuffs are already working on original multiplayer servers. For the extra stuff you need to go in the menu for "Custom game" and choose my mod from the list.

Sadly the mod is performance heavy. You need to use the dgVoodoo tool made by Dege and apply Large Adress Aware patch on the game exe, otherwise the game will be unplayable even on strong hardware.

Known errors:
Some badly made textures.
Unoptimized settings, too high performance loss.
The game is crashing after 2 level loads. (Caused by dgVoodoo)


Thank you for following and/or downloading my mod!

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