The concept of the mod is really simple, it is the same as other props mods in other games. The hiders can disguise as objects, and hide on the map.

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Hey Guys!

I was playing [EOD] Props like 6 years back.Just want to say this mod was a game in itself and 'props' to the developer,man you made my teenage years something to remember.
I hope even in my older years we can see this mod return to call of duty.With that being said if anyone has the capabilities to make this mod come to life again i'd appreciate it.

Peace & Blessings

This mod is the most played cod4 mod in my life.i play like 12 to 13 hours a day maybe more.very fun mod if can play with friends and find new spots and stuff.lvl up is hard when you hit lvl 112 but can find xp without even knowing you are getting more xp if there are lot of players in the server.i hope this mod will have future updates.


This mod can only be described in ONE word...... AWESOME!!! I really liked the way the character can blend in his surrounding environment. It really provides a challenge for the seeker. I have played around 800 times as a hider and only been caught around 150 times! Great job guys! keep it up!

Nice and clean.



Best prop hunt i've ever played. great mod/very well done.


of all the hide and seek mods this is prolly one of the best out there as icore keeps it updated with new stuff


This mod is my favorite CoD4 mod. I play it almost everyday with my classmates, it doesn't have annoying bugs and finally, it's not another zombie mod. It's sometimes surprising how it's possible to hide ; a friend of mine succeeded in hiding as a delivery truck in Shipment by going in a container, and having me disguised as a sheetmetal to make a false end of container and cover him XD


Really good Mod! iCore you are best. :)


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Best Mode Every and no bugs tell now

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